Thursday, August 4, 2011

ah where to start?
this last weekend was crazy, nay awful crazy, and i am honestly glad it is over. that is so far from my typical outlook on weekends and time off, that you must believe that it was truly that horrible.
what was good about it, you ask?
some things.

for instance, this guy.
there was a lot of swimming and roughhousing this weekend in the yard, and it brought a well deserved moment of laughter.

i brought home a new soccerball for egon, and pumped it up nearly to the max psi, thinking that maybe he wouldn't pop it.
New soccer ball for Egon!
well, that didn't happen. it was popped in about five minutes but became the new cool thing that all the dogs wanted to own.
Ol' crazy eye Dottie!
after possession was won, the victorious dog tried to EAT the soccerball, which i just wasn't gonna let happen. why are dogs so smart, hm?
in garden news, i found that i am having siamese twins.

and they are actually growing up well, which i thought maybe wouldn't happen. conjoined squash twins, woaaaahhhh grossss.
helluva haul today.  FINALLY, tomatos.
the tomatos have finally turned ripe, THANK GOODNESS, becaue i am SO READY for blts, all day every day.

the corn is not too far from ready, Dottie keeps trying to eat the silk. Whats wrong with her?
guess who learned how to pick green beans today?
the other day i was picking the green beans that were ready and was tossing em in a bowl. dottie stood beside me watching, and stole a bean out of the bowl. ran away with it to eat it in her favorite grassy spot. came back, ripped a leaf off the bean bush and ran away with it too. i laughed, but moved on in the garden to pick tomatos and squash. a moment or two later, i heard a bit of commotion in the beans. dottie hauled ass out of the garden area, a whole branch of the bean bush in her mouth, and laid back in the grass to eat the branch. i guess she's learned how to pick green beans now...
she already got every single ripe strawberry this year, now i'm worried for the rest of my garden since she thinks its self-serve...

i did boil peanuts this weekend, that was cool. i brined them a bit too long (DOH) and now they're really salty. so maybe i will soak them to fix that.
marina di chiogga squash
the ugly pumpkins got picked this weekend, as soon as i'm tired of them taking up counter space i'll cook em. til then, they'll just sit and be ugly.

sewing has been productive, but this weekend was occupied and alas, no sewing occurred. i have big hope for this week and weekend.

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