Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ah things are weird.
sewing has been good and normal, and for that i am relieved.

i've been making lots of hats. it seems like the time it takes to make one from beginning to end is magically the amount of time my attention span lasts. perfecto!
Day one of no-messin-around crate training
dottie has been getting crate trained, for real and for serious. she had many meltdowns in the crate, and when i lived in the giant apartment building, dog meltdowns that last a long time or happen in the middle of the night are no dice. each day she moves the crate less and less.
we call it 'the ruckus', if you look, in the picture, her crate started the day over by the yellow chair. she ruckused it all across the kitchen, even moved the stool with a pile of folded towels on it without knocking the towels down. nice!
Jah tomato
its full on tomato time, and the garden is producing woah nelly bigtime. lotsa tomatos, every day.
Rebecca's new laptop bag
i had a fancy request from a friend to make a messenger style laptop bag for her, so i did! it was fun and new, and i really like new challenges. this one is even made with a foam lining (inside the outer/inner materials so you don't see it) so her laptop has extra cush. booyeah!
Patiently waiting
and don't worry, in all that sewing, i spent WAY too much time with the dogs. sewing them toys, petting them, laughing at their farts, you know the drill.

speaking of dogs! here's a video! life is like this, all the time, twentyfour sev, with these fool bostons!

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