Tuesday, August 23, 2011

welly well. as always things have been stupid busy.
i had time off last week to keep an eye on miss Dot, she got FIXED.
Princess and the pea Dottie
she was under the weather after surgery, but still managed to act a fool.
Ol' stitches stomach Dottie
her little scar looked gnarly. its much nicer looking now, light pink and really healing well.
laaaast monday i took the day to try n chill, and enjoy some "do what i wanta do" time, and i went swimming and then got lunch and icecream with patty p and doodooberry and rachel.
the icecream part was amazing.

i want to eat every flavor. homemade, fresh mexican icecream!
Annoying loud squeaky ball, the fav toy
after ice cream it was just dog time, all the time. making sure they weren't ruckusing too much, which is like, impossible.
unless they are sleeping, which i encouraged heavily during her heal time.
worked a whoppin three day workweek, which was hateful anyway.
then saturday, we took egon on his first boat adventure.
Egon's first boat trip
Not more than a few moments in the water, in the middle of the deep and wide James River, we passed a few geese (he really wants to eat geese) and he nearly jumped ship to go get them.
Crazy level noted, we tried to keep a tighter grasp on him. We were adventuring downstream and passed a group of about ten vultures, which kept flying away as we approached to a little tree further down the stream. Dummies. About the third time this happened, Egon just straight up lept out of the boat and into the river. ARGH! he was wearing a little harness so we just grabbed his ass right up, but it was a little panic inducing. Fool ass dog.
After that he sat in my lap and we headed for shallower waters, ones where maybe we could see the bottom and it wasn't so murky.

We found a nice sandbar and hopped out to eat lunch, and let Egon get buckwild.

He finally learned to fetch toys in water.

And he wanted to do it nonstop.
Shakey face
We had to enforce little breaks so he could catch his breath.

He's gotten to be a pro swimmer. The plan is to get that guy a life vest, so he'll float regardless. He leaps into the water now, I bet he'll jump off all kinds of things once he has a lifejacket and learns that he floats.
He took off into the water, swimming to get a group of whitewater rafters that had just come down the fall line and were passing thru. Seriously. What was he gonna do once he got to them? I had to dive into the river and swim after him, haul his ass back to shore. TOTAL MANIAC MODE.
After the stinky river adventure (and worries of brain melting amoeba infection) we gave that dude a BATH.
Sacked out
And then he slept for two days.
Seriously, he would follow you around the house but his eyes were squinty and sleepy and he'd almost fall asleep just standing here.
Sunday and Monday were intense workdays for me. I woke up at 7am both days and started sewing by 8am latest.

Dottie helped quite a bit, as always.
Productive weekend
After a 10 hour day Sunday and a 13 hour day Monday (with some screwing around mixed in, changing pandora stations, making lunch, taking dogs outside, swiffering and cleaning random things) my back and neck was broken and I had produced a SHITTON of stuff. 11 hats (10 pictured, I know) and seven tool rolls. Tool Rolls are going to the moped shop in NYCITY (get a rope!) and hats are for a bike shop in town. Stoked, but tired.
For some reason I can't stop beating myself up that I didn't finish 10 tool rolls, but whutever, I busted ass and got a lot done.
Now I'm back at jobjob, and shockingly, I sure do wish I was home instead. What a suprise?

Somehow snuggling with this thing beats out jobjob, sitting on the phone all day and catering to rude folks. Shocker?

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