Friday, August 26, 2011

oh lard!
this week we had an earthquake! first one i've ever experienced, and it was pretty cool! scary in the moment, but cool once i realized it was a leetle one. 5.9er.
in other news, my friend from philly recently moved into my neighborhood with his SUPER BITCHIN 64 GMC Handivan. i was thinking about this awesome van i remember from childhood, the era when we lived in the cambodian/vietnamese/white trash neighborhood known as Crestview (Pat lived there too, we went to the same elementary school where there were literally kid gang fights). fresh from the sandhills of north carolina, my mind was blown by the Roach Coach.
Roach Coach 2
i was little, less than 5 years old, but its been engraved in my mind ever since then. i google image searched it, and sure enough, found some pictures of it. i had to call my mom to ask some questions, to make sure i wasn't crazy, if i'd really found photos of it, and sure enough its the real deal.
RoachCoach 1
i remember being real embarassed about the lady with her boobs out.
Roach Coach 3
but i DEFINITELY don't remember the lambo doors. mom swears that she saw it cruising around town within the last five years, i've been meaning to make a craigslist post looking for it.

in less exciting for me but great for cats news, i got a new piece of cat furniture!
Cats are pumped on the new furniture...
and they like it!
photogenic brown cat
especially brown cat, who likes to sit in the top and peer into the house from his perch.
so i guess the calamity of the earthquake and the intense nature of the thunderstorm that flooded my truck cab last night and the impending crash of hurricane irene, all the cool bugs are coming out.
haven't seen a single mantid in the yard, which has been a megabummer. well, until now that is.
this dude was creepin on the back door.

lurka durka, lookin at me all upside down and backwards. what a creep.
i first saw this spider when it was leetle, and teeny, and now its FUCKINGHUGE.
garden spider
which is cool. i really like garden spiders, they're the only really big orb weaver we have here in virginia.
if a tree falls on our house this weekend, i'm sure i'll post pictures, but it might take a little while to update if that same crushing tree smashes the computer or interrupts our wifi. just so you know.

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