Wednesday, August 17, 2011

shit! things have been busy, head spinningly whirlwind busy!
first, there was canning!

crystal came over to help me learn some canning stuff. julie was there too, but she was fresh from knee surgery and did not can, she hung out and provided excellent commentary.

there were dill pickles, sweet pickles, pickled beets, and pickled watermelon rind! it will be awesome in a few more days, when they are ready to eat.
after the pickling, we got vietnamese for dinner. on the way, we passed this
Probably a really fast boat
which looked super cool. nay, amazing.
the next morning was pats bikini carwash.

look at that wutang W!

LYLAS ladies but damn, my truck hood is all scratched up now. fuck.

there were "sponge-kini's" for the ladies that volunteered to wash cars. total ridicoulous times.
remember that video, "put em on the glass" by sir mix a lot? no? here it is. its also sort of nsfw, beware. boobs.

it was inspiring.

some dudes even brought a dirtied up truck!

and that thang got dun up right, son

there were matching kente cloth xxxl nylon windbreakers worn by the lovely Candy Rain (nsfw) ladies from NY.

a motorcycle or two or more got washed.
brad d even helped out with the bikini part!

hubba hubba!

things got really ridiculous.

it was an excellent benefit. made some loot to finish up the concrete around Pats pool so the dudes can drain it and start skating it next month. yay!
Pat's bikini carwash
monday i went swimming, then went to chicken fiesta for lunch/dinner, then to get ice cream at this little shop that makes everything fresh.

look at those popsicles, the organization and colorfulness is so rad, i love it. makes me happy to just see them. oreo popsicles? yes please.
met travis' dog, who is cute and sweet but timid.

she growls like a maniac when she plays, sounds fierce but is a weenie.
i picked up Dottie from the vet, post lady part removal, and hung with the dogs yesterday. they were all so tired, even Egon just wanted to snuggle.
Boston Terrier pillow
it was nice, considering the scale of migrane i had all day.
i dragged myself outta the house (reverberating eyeballz and all) and did groceries. lo and behold, check out the level of amazing of the van that parked near me.
dreeeeeaaaaaam van
i mean, its dream worthy. i almost left a note on the windshield that just said "your van is badass, party on dude."
if you have time, peep the "all sizes" of the side profile pics in Flickr, the bubbles and cubes were supes tight.
seriously, dream worthy. note the terrible parking job.
then on that great note, i went to bed early and woke up full of dread for the next days workday. oh well. work is never a fun party.

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