Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The hurricane Irene came to visit Virginia.
In addition to the tradgedy of my favorite record by the Kinks now having a skip, this happened....

You have to be shitting me
no really, i cried about it. i've sunk so much $$$$ and time into this truck, and i guarantee you the insurance company will declare it totaled instead of fixing it.

bummmmmmmmed x 1,000,000,000,000 squared.
i know it could've been worse, my house could've gotten chopped in half, but i'm still fucking sad.
now i get to bike commute again an hour to work each way, and i'm trying really hard to be posi and look at it as more of an adventure ride than a sweatfest. MTBing is awesome and i get to take a fun, chill ride to work, with not too many hill climbs. (though the climb into my neighborhood is rated cat 5, which seems shocking but funny.) i'm trying to avoid the negative, so unless you have something posi to say, go away. seriously. i may just walk away from some conversations today.


Ian T said...

I know we have never actually met, but we do follow your blog anyway. this is seriously heartbreakingly sad and I am sorry.

emily said...

Thanks Ian. I've been browing craigslist already looking for another Hilux. I'm sure I'll find something, I've got a list of acceptable vehicles that I'd like to own. I really should stay within the Toyota 22r range, though, because I JUST got that nice Weber. Ughhhhhh oh well. Something will work out, I'm just crossing all my fingers and toes that the body shop estimate is not too outrageous...hoping and hoping.