Friday, April 29, 2011

can i just say that this week has been so terrible? holy moly!
so dotties illness RETURNED and she barfed/liqued pooped (it was really hard to tell what end it came out of, ew) all over the bathroom Wednesday morning.

ran home from work and took her to the vet, our vet was closed and unavailable. $420 dollars later, we were rushing her to the emergency vet in a total panic.
At the emergency vet, ready to be admitted
Dottie at 12:30pm Wednesday
her intestines were full of air and her stomach was not digesting her food from that morning, indicating a blockage. dogs, especially little ones, can become septic really quickly and die, so i was FLIPPING MY SHIT. surgery was gonna cost about 2500, plus the hospitalization bill, omggg could i sell a kidney or something?
Dottie at 12:30pm Wednesday
Sleepy after a long day at the vet

we get to the ER and she's rushed off to the ICU. her stats are all normal, she's active and bouncy, but her guts are still full of air. they put her on 24 hour watch to see if the food will pass, because there is no visible blockage on the xrays.
-total sidenote, metal and really dense items show up on xrays. things like thread, fabric, wood, even peach pits, do not show up, so there was no telling what was up.

the doctor seems optimistic that there is no blockage, but her symptoms are so severe (her intestines were super bloated) that they can't be sure.

so 24 hours later, doctor sends her home. she pooped, she peed, the food and gasses all moved to her colon for emminent release. the gasses have been releasing and let me tell you, they are bad. knock you out, keel over dead stinky bad.

Oh. My. Gad. what a total stressout! i'm glad shes okay and there is nothing massively wrong, but we still have to hawk her for the next week or so. no playtime, no running, no fun, no good foods, no NOTHING. have you ever tried to stop a boston terrier from jumping and playing? its real hard.

so i'm instituting crisis level etsy status, gotta have a real productive weekend and try to fill up the shop. gotta sell stuff too. heres to tons of debt in 2011 arghghghghghghghgghhhhhhh

SO HEY! GO ETSY SHOPPING! or tell your friends to.
holds so much stuff!!!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cheese and rice!
this weekend was almost awful.
dottie continued to get better over the course of sunday and monday, which was a big relief.

sunday was a million degrees outside. i sewed and tried to list things on etsy, but the computer was so gaddam slow i got frustrated and had to stop. dottie was hogging all the bandwidth!

Dotties computer room hangout

sunday was easter, and i was happy to stay at home with my doggins. didn't feel like leaving them, at all, after all that near death constant throwing up/pooping water/eating poop water. gross.

i tended to the seedlings that are starting to grow, and i tied up all the daffodils around the front of the house that are getting long and floppy. they are now in neat little bundles.

i facetimed a lot, that is always eggciting.
Theres a lotta facetime that happens in my house
well, ACTUALLY, mostly the dogs facetimed. they had some important stuff to talk about, like who wanted to go to KFC for dinner, or maybe they just wanted to show andrew how they looked when they ate. idle kept zooming in on his eyeball really close, what a turd!

in breaking news, goldfinches are coming to our bird feeders. thats exciting.!!!

so that was sunday.

then monday i resumed sewing and galderndit, i listed that stuff on etsy even though it took me all day. i just would click to load a page, then do something else while it loaded. seriously. i listed five items like that.

um, i started thinking about how i wanted my dreamboat lovely craft/creative space to look, and what crap i needed to store, and how to do it best while still looking cool. i am going to make a wonderful colorful beautiful den in the front bedromm and then i will never leave it. i will just stay there sewing and crafting and looking out the window. i can dream, right?!?!?!

i went to the most eggcelent southside thrift stores with Daina, and found some cool stuff. i was on the hunt for cool fabric, and shitcrap i got some!

also i got this, and was so stokered.
$25 for all this! stoked.
twenty five dollars!

it came with all kinds of doodads and doohickeys that don't even go with that particular camera, and some already shot 220 film. the one flash in the greenish leather case fits my minolta hi-matic F!!!! coinkidink!

new camera, so egg cite
i cannot wait to go take pictures with it, its super coooool.
it also weighs about a thousand pounds, so i'm looking forward to knocking someone out with it.

oh shoot!
also for a quarter i got this booklet about smashing the japs. ha! old timey racists!
A 25cent thrift store find
its nuts to read, this world war 2 paraphenelia.

so thats that. back at work, bummertown.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the last three days I have:
-Washed/dried poop/vomit splatter covered couch covers/blankets twice
-washed puked-up-poop covered comforter once
-scrubbed vomit-wiped-all-over carpet once
-mopped all floors(covered in vomit splatter and smeared regurgitated diahrhea) three times
-sorted through a big bag of dog puke that i collected in one afternoon
-collected puke on dog walks and prolly earned the title of gross ass dog puke pickin up white lady from the hood kids
-chased my puppy around to wipe the stream of liquid poo off her fur twice
-endured the nastiest farts and stinkiest house imaginable
-picked up poopoo/puke constantly.

All because of this dumb dummy:
Which one is the cutest?

Lets just say im havin a bangin weekend.  
its funny, when you live "not in the city," how any little incident draws a shitton of cops. like, major drug bust in the city status, shittons of cops.
kids getting into a fight? 6 officers respond.
Neighborhood ruckus
end result? two young ladies in handcuffs are ridiculed by the approx. 15 younger kids that gatherered to watch the fight. ladies are released to their parents, young kids disperse, cops leave, parents whoop ass, all kids resume hangin out on the street talkin shit. yup.
petsitting a couple days this week. its always cool at shanes house.
Booger, left, and Cutter, right
except that his big cat, also named Cutter, is sort of terrifying. just a FYI, the black n white cat is full grown, normal sized housecat. google "savannah cats." thats what Cutter is. he does things like jump from one side of the apartment (up top, in the loft) to the opposite side top of the kitchen cabinets. hes big, and agile, and playful. good lard. if he wasn't fat i'd be really really nervous, but as it stands he's kind of a bus.

in other news, egon is still too scared to get his toys out of the bucket.
maybe one day he'll learn its okay.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So this weekend the swap meet got rained out, all that gaddern sewing I'd been doing for it has now accumulated quite a collection. PLUS, I just ordered a bunch of supplies to sew some fancy stuff with belts included...aka pouches with an adujustable webbing, real official shoulder bags, that kinda crap.

In the meantime, here's my etsy shop. Hit it up if you are in need of something new and fancy for this adventure season.

Dottie June

I'm going on a secret mission this Monday for new fabric...should be awesome.
Can't wait to make cool stuff!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

egg gad!
i wrote a long stupid complaining blog post about this weekend, but it was so gadawful to read that i just deleted it.
this weekend was a real let-down...we'll just leave it at that.

here's some pictures!
gas station after the torrential rain
She was sitting with her butt in the hole of the log
log dog Egon

Garden patch=tilled and ready
andrews turn with the Mantis
well i got the bathroom painted and hung shelves/pictures
Aaaaand then i broke the sink. Fudge!

this week is starting off real rough. needs to get better or i'm gonna splode. people need to be a lot nicer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sad week. long time dog friend, Cutter, passed away last week. he had the cancer, and was going into exploratory surgery to see how widespread it was. maybe a leg amputation would fix it?
in surgery he started bleeding heavily and died right there on the table. too soon!

he was a good dude. friend to all of our friends puppies, he was a really solid dude. good and tolerant to all the puppy bullshit, and chill with idle when idle was a fresh rescue and needed dog interaction.
egon 001
i'm sad. andrews' sad. chad's sad too. our friends are all sad, it was a rough weekend full of lots of secret tears.
Cutter's grave
andrew and chad buried him in a secret spot where we will all go visit. pile a cobble on his grave to pay respects.
saturday night i had a pizza party, everyone came over mostly to see chad, even though noone really talked about cutman.
stayed up too late for the amount of work to be done sunday.
Hard days work
we had to tackle all the branches from the tree chopping down spectacle, and haul them away.
Cutting up branches so theyll stack better in the truck
we had to cut them up so they'd fit in the truck better, then fill the truck.
Truckload 1 of 3, this one was small but heavy
i made three loads to the dump, we took the rotten logs and almost all the sticks we could handle.
there is only a small pile left, after all that work!
Laying in the hole
idle found such a nice hole to lie in, hes a weirdo.
Grubs!dottie found some grubs, she's voracious for everything.

they are really cool...hopefully they will turn into those awesome beetles i found with eye spots on em.
Why cant i see behind me?
the drive to the dump was frightful, there was no rear vision to be had.
From the looks of behind me, i think theres a tree in my truck
i mean, the whole damn bed was stacked high full of tree!

it was especially funny when i had to back up inbetween trucks and a big loader, to the edge of a cement cliff to dump my truckload.
this was basically the view to my back.
NO REALLY my truck is full of tree
IT IS ESPECIALLY FUNNY TO GO DUMPING ALONE, when you can't see behind you and have to be fearful of hitting other people or falling off the cliff. you just have to guess, and stop a lot, and look like a fool.
everyone at the dump is very nice, gentlemen always help even though i never ask, and the workers there are especially friendly.
after a day of hauling sticks and yard clippings, i was a lovely shade of brown. sunkissed?
Dirt tan
no, just dirty. a shower quickly washed away my lovely glow, bummer.
so, with the yardwork mostly done, i took sunday to chain myself to the sewing machine to get ready for this bike swap meet shit going on.
i made so much stuff!
this one is hilarious, it has secret pockets and is lined with the best tye die fabric ever.
so much space!
and this one is lined with black velvet (oooh la la) and has a divider with pockets on each side, and a front pocket!
built to expand and hold tons of loot!
this one is sewn to expand outward and hold TONS of crap
for the snack connisseur
and this one is designed for maximum snack capacity.
white denim front pocket with lovely button closure
this one has a really cute button and is also lined with swanky velvet with a secret pocket
front pocket
and this one is extra deluxe. pockets, all kinds of vintage trim, a nice bakelite button, and lined with velvety softness.
vintage bianchi strap as closure
and i finished a tool kit for the lover of italian things.
plush velvet for your beloved tools
again, lined with velvet for showing off your fanciest tools.
now i am back at work hell, and though it really isn't that bad, theres so much to be done at home that sitting here is making me slowly crazier.
hopefully i will get lots of things done this week after work hours....pffffft