Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cheese and rice!
this weekend was almost awful.
dottie continued to get better over the course of sunday and monday, which was a big relief.

sunday was a million degrees outside. i sewed and tried to list things on etsy, but the computer was so gaddam slow i got frustrated and had to stop. dottie was hogging all the bandwidth!

Dotties computer room hangout

sunday was easter, and i was happy to stay at home with my doggins. didn't feel like leaving them, at all, after all that near death constant throwing up/pooping water/eating poop water. gross.

i tended to the seedlings that are starting to grow, and i tied up all the daffodils around the front of the house that are getting long and floppy. they are now in neat little bundles.

i facetimed a lot, that is always eggciting.
Theres a lotta facetime that happens in my house
well, ACTUALLY, mostly the dogs facetimed. they had some important stuff to talk about, like who wanted to go to KFC for dinner, or maybe they just wanted to show andrew how they looked when they ate. idle kept zooming in on his eyeball really close, what a turd!

in breaking news, goldfinches are coming to our bird feeders. thats exciting.!!!

so that was sunday.

then monday i resumed sewing and galderndit, i listed that stuff on etsy even though it took me all day. i just would click to load a page, then do something else while it loaded. seriously. i listed five items like that.

um, i started thinking about how i wanted my dreamboat lovely craft/creative space to look, and what crap i needed to store, and how to do it best while still looking cool. i am going to make a wonderful colorful beautiful den in the front bedromm and then i will never leave it. i will just stay there sewing and crafting and looking out the window. i can dream, right?!?!?!

i went to the most eggcelent southside thrift stores with Daina, and found some cool stuff. i was on the hunt for cool fabric, and shitcrap i got some!

also i got this, and was so stokered.
$25 for all this! stoked.
twenty five dollars!

it came with all kinds of doodads and doohickeys that don't even go with that particular camera, and some already shot 220 film. the one flash in the greenish leather case fits my minolta hi-matic F!!!! coinkidink!

new camera, so egg cite
i cannot wait to go take pictures with it, its super coooool.
it also weighs about a thousand pounds, so i'm looking forward to knocking someone out with it.

oh shoot!
also for a quarter i got this booklet about smashing the japs. ha! old timey racists!
A 25cent thrift store find
its nuts to read, this world war 2 paraphenelia.

so thats that. back at work, bummertown.

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