Friday, September 21, 2012

If you ever want to see my usually-high productivity rate come to a screeching halt, just wait til theres a problem with my dogs. That'll do it real quick.

The past month has been insane. Egon blew up about three weeks ago and we're still figuring things out. (in the same week that Dottie had a severe bout of colitis and I got food poisoning) An ungodly amount of money and many sleepless nights later, we are finally getting a grip on his condition, sort of.

He had a lung infection, severe skin allergies, and basically became unable to use his legs, all in the course of three panicked weeks. The lung infection has been clearing on its own, antibiotics did not help. The allergies are TBD with an upcoming appointment at a dermatologist. And as of yesterday, his legs are starting to come back to him.

He became weaker and weaker, legwise, until he couldn't walk on his own. One night we came home and he couldn't even support himself standing up. There is nothing that will make me cry faster than having to feed and water your dog by hand while he lays on the floor, unable to get up.

diagnosis at the neurologist was grim, he was asymmetrically disabled, which was a direct link to a problem in the brain, not a medication side effect like we'd initially thought was the problem. options discussed, he was in for an MRI in the blink of an eye. it was the only way to determine the best course of treatment, since both paths to recovery were drastically different. the peace of mind that came with imaging to prove that his brain was tumor free has been priceless. i cannot express the feeling of relief that i've had since i got the voicemail yesterday, letting me know he had a healthy normal brain.

the imaging is amazing, looking at all the "layers" of his face and skull is incredible. the best animation i've seen, zooming layer after layer through my dogs head.

two doses of a medication into a new treatment plan and he's walking. trotting even. its unreal, and i'm so incredibly relieved. i really want to print some of the images from his MRI, they are so comical and ridiculous looking.