Tuesday, August 31, 2010

After a long work week, Dottie was about to have a very busy weekend. We went on some epic walks, about thirty minutes is the max we'll do, and boy is she tired afterward. She lays on cool stoops along the walk, being such a black little dog means you absorb lots of heat.

Friend snuggles

Sunday we went on a nice long early morning walk around the neighborhood and it was followed by serious brother/sister snuggle naps.

Then we went to our friend's house for a puppy adventure. Greg and Nicole bought my Pinto, and also ended up getting Dottie's littermate brother, Marco. YAY! The two generation of fine Bostons got to play for about three hours, which completely wiped em out. YAY!

pack of nutballs! Egon, Dottie, and Marco
Egon chills in the grass while Marco runs by
Marco barks at Dottie
Happy Dottie
Brother and Sister romp
YIKES! Dottie says NO!

Good lord it was hilarious. The doggies are still sort of worn out from it.
Somehow, in the mix, I guess Dottie managed to sit on some sort of bee/spider/bug because she developed a HUGE bugbite that night. We went to the vet to check it out and everything seems to be okay, but for a five pound puppy, its a huge welt.
Dotties bug bite
Dotties bugbite
Today it is smaller, and it still seems to not hurt her or bother her, but I'm sure its uncomfortable. Hopefully it will drastically go away this week. If not we'll be back at the vet for a checkout.
Poor lady.

In other good news, Dottie and Egon are totally past their weird standoffish ness, and are getting better at being unafraid cuddlers. Its excellent.
Hopefully this work week will fly by, we have a lot of Winnebago stuff to tackle and this weekend was a wash as far as that went. Ah well.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

all dogs, all the time.
going camping this weekend. stoked. we'll see how that goes, maiden voyage of the winnebago.

Shark teeth

Regal Egon

Friday, August 13, 2010

What a week. Got a puppy, got a raise, and got a car. Goddang!
Dottie comes to work with me every day, she is hilarious to have around the salon. We get to take nice walks on our lunchbreak, there is a park between Ellwood and Floyd in the alley, so less than a block away we are in a beautiful garden.

Dotties ears are curling much sooner than Egon's did, so I'm picking up some yogurt for her (the boys will get some too, how could I not share?) to help out while she is teething.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dottie came home Friday night, she is Egon's sister proper.
Can't say I've slept much since then, but man, after a month or so, it'll totally have been worth it. She is so soft, and so cute, and so ridiculous.
Welcome home, Dottie June!

garden dogs, little and big butts
little sister and big brother

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

every monday the dogs follow me around the house and take naps wherever i stop to work on a project. only when i have really made them bored by not talking to them or offering them something to eat do they go upstairs to the couch to sleep.

busy week ahead.