Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This weekend was pretty busy.
Sunday Andrew was going to help Chad work on the "Pirate Trails", and after hearing stories about 'em for months, I really wanted to check em out.
So apparently back in the 50's, to make way for the interstate, the city bought a section of a neighborhood that they wanted to be paved and demoed it. Plowed it over the edge of a huge hill. A lot of the rubble, brick, and old housewares still lie on this hill, rotting away over time.

We rode down there, me to take pictures, and Andrew and Chad to work.
I was immeaditely taken aback by the amount of glassware/pottery in the woods. Smashed plates, patterned or not, whole mugs, and half rotten enamelware pots. Very interesting to see.
I found this pretty but broken carnival glass jar. It was the only carnival glass I came across, but there was milk glass EVERYWHERE.
There were lots of fragments of plates with large emblems and seals.
It was really shocking how much was there. Every time you'd turn around, there was more to see. I quickly dropped off from the dudes and just stood and looked around...so much to take in.
Then I caught up with the dudes, who were busy cutting a rough trail near another cool structure.
On the way there we passed a weird open sewer entrance...it smelled AWFUL but was a cool find.
The section to the left of the "stream" path was bone dry, but to the right there was actively flowing poops. Gross.
I left the guys to their trailblazing and went to Pats, who was busy digging a swimming pool in his backyard.

He had rented a bobcat for the weekend and was making fast progress excavating a rough hole.
There wasn't much to do but sit around and watch the bobcat do its job, but it was fun to witness.
what next?
They discovered an old, filled in septic tank in the backyard while digging. The concrete bottom of it was about a foot thick!
breaking up the old concrete septic tank
Alicia got to drive the bobcat for a while and was super stoked.
alicia drives the bobcat
I got a phone call summoning me home, so headed out. Got home to a jalapeno pepper puking up puppy (COOL!!) and had a chill rest of the evening.
Yesterday I purged the house. Took out three full leaf bags of trash, ran a bunch of nice stuff to the thrift store, mopped all three floors three times, mopped and hand washed the spiral stairs, and in general busted my butt all day. It was exhausting, but at the end of the day sitting down was so nice.
A nice quiet night
Egon is a sad sad beggar.

Friday, September 10, 2010

weekend please hurry. i'm so intolerant of everything that is minorly displeasing or irritating, i really need a break. not that this weekend will be a break necessarily, but boy i hope it will. i'm worn way thin and can't get any relief.
infinite puppy snuggles in cool mountain air and sunshine await!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

this weekend we spent all of our time trying to work out the fixing of the RV bathroom
it sort of went well, we hit major roadblocks but at least know more about the plumbing now. all those white plumbing fittings on the ends of the black tubes...those are all RV specific. we spent hours at lowes trying to mock up something that would work, and there was no solution to be had. okay, well the internet always has the answer, so we know of a possible solution. we knocked out a few things and faltered on others, but the idle issue is fixed, the bathroom floor is almost ready to be put down, the toilet is almost ready to be installed, and we think we know where to get the plumbing fittings we need. so really, even though it felt depressing and awful to do so much work for nothing, really it was not that bad.

saturday there was a bike race/fun ride. julie and i worked a stop where we made cyclists swim/wade out to us to get a signature. hee hee.

To check in you had to wade out to us

it got muddier and muddier as more people came and trampled through the reeds, and the rocks got wetter and dangerous for folks in cycling shoes. oops. lots of people fell in the water after trying to carefully wade across. it was warm outside, and noone was hurt, so it was funny.

Our muddy checkpoint stop

we had a nice campfire at the pipeline afterward, the smoke was just enough to totally ward off the mosquitos.

Campfire at the pipeline

as usual, Dottie has been very cute and funny.

Dottie's funny tongue

i'm really ready for the weekend to happen again, this week is going to kill me. i need time off, big time.

Meanwhile, Dottie has been honing her rodeo skills. This video was right after she threw up on me.

Friday, September 3, 2010