Tuesday, October 16, 2012

as always, busy.

backlogged with custom sewing stuff, no time ever. trying to cram tons of sewing into my two days off a week. eh, its not working out.

andrew had a birthday and the dogs partied hard.

worked a craft fair at lamplighter, and was the only vendor that showed up at the fest of cross swap meet. weird, but okay!

applied to be in the bizarre market. pending.

working with egon and his defective brain disease, but he's so much better. sigh of relief there. dottie is ridiculous (if you ever need to get hot glue gun glue off a dog, rubbing alcohol is safe and easy.) and idle is lazy but has been really stoked on going skateboarding with andrew more.

the neighbors puppies all died (except for the one that went to another home a couple weeks ago), think it was parvo based on what the little girl told me. lame. how many animal control calls does one have to make to get anything to change? i'm gonna strongly enforce a no dogs under the age of two rule about my backyard, that shit is way sketchy. dangerous and horrible. a tall privacy fence won't stop germs. not to close on a bummer note, but that stuff is serious business.

at work, daydreaming about being home. or going somewhere. or buying another old truck (whats wrong with me, haha)

back to work, like always!