Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ye olde loyale 4x4, fer sale
so i decided to sell the subaru and buy a small truck. it was on craigslist for about a week, BUT THEN it started leaking oil, LIKE A SHITTON OF OIL, and i took it to the shop. something was wrong in a major way.
the block was cracked AND it blew the headgasket at the valve cover. what a freakin week. man i'm glad i didn't sell it cause i'd feel like a humongous jerk. ilet it go to a 4x4 scrapper for some dollars. then i bought this! so sort of things still happened like i wanted.
My new Toyota!!!!! day one, brand new to me
i spent some QT with it this weekend, getting to know everything about it.
spendin some QT with my new friend
the weather was so nice, i decided to give it a huge bath.

first i cleaned the inside.

then i cleaned the outside

i washed it, cleaned the paint with a clay bar, then waxed it. just the front half took HOURS. maybe i will clean the back half soon.
A hard days work of cleaning!
teepee nights
there was a small get together in the teepee again, it was real fun.

right when i was about to leave, about 15 gunshots were fired within earshot, so i was a little nervous about the route i'd planned to take home. james and i went the safe way to church hill, then i continued east solo.
Three dogs, one cat, family photo
the rest of the weekend was filled with yardwork and trips to the dump and a sightseeing tour of the cemtery and more cleaning.

the landfill is really cool, i love to go there and look at all the thrown away things.
we also tried to have our first backyard firepit, but it was so windy that we got scared.

it was so windy, in fact, that we lost some huge branches from the big dead tree in the backyard.

its cool, the dogs cleaned it up for us.

the dogs ran outside so much that all their playing inside was halfassed, they were tired and mostly laid on the floor.
and hey i finally sewed those curtains for the downstairs living rooms!
Curtains finally
they're real pretty during the day. i need to go find more fabric that i like, i'm already out of the seaweedy stuff.

the onions are gonna bloom soon, JUST KIDDINGS those are daffodils and they sure are gonna be pretty.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fabric came in the mail, so i can start sewing curtains. Everything at target etc here is so colonial or frilly or is just plain shitty fabric, I just couldn't take it.
small kitchen window curtain fabric
living room curtains, i think
i thought the pattern on the seaweedy stuff would be bigger aka less busy, but its not. it'll still work i think, it'll look nice with the dark wood floors.
that bitch Dottie has been waking up at 6:30am daily instead of her usual 7:30m-8am, and its making me tired. at least i wake up early enough to make pocket breakfast and drink a thousand cups of coffee.
Pocket's breakfast
thats good at least, i guess? pockets stoked.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

there was a party on friday, a pow wow, in a teepee at marks.

it was taller than the house!

it was pretty cold that night, but inside the teepee the fire kept everyone really warm.

it was awesome, and also was in honor of sherns birthday. i can't wait to build a year round one in my backyard, so sosos ososo excited.

we did some yard work during the week and it turns out we have a miracle in our yard now.
The tree weeps
psst..cue the weeping tree! the tourists are coming!
Andrew made the tree cry
we also have one patch of bright yellow grass. not really sure whats up with that, but it sure is pretty.

so the goal for the rest of the weekend was to get the winnebago from pats house to ours. we hadnt really started it since october so we were expecting things to be a little dicey.

we primed the carb with some gas and it started right up! shit! drove it home through downtown without a hitch and parked it. phew.

driving the winnebago home
both homes at home
they even match! how cute!
that done, i took monday to try and relax. explored the neighborhood and the multiple cemeterys close by.

went to evergreen, which has gone to the wild.

the woods are filled with tombstone after tombstone

the floor of the woods is checkered with sunken in graves EVERYWHERE.

i kept getting scared that a skeleton hand would come up from the earth and grab my ankle. either that or i'd just fall into an open grave, i was so busy looking around and not paying attention to where i stepped

went to the crypt, where graverobbers have broken a hole through the cinderblocked door.
Evergreen Cemetery - 10/25/08Evergreen Cemetery - Richmond, VA
Evergreen Cemetery - Richmond, VA
a few years ago the crypt was filled with skeletons, but now theres only a scant bone or two. still, its creepy.
so i left my moped running while i snapped a couple pictars at the bottom of the hill of the cemetery, when i was done and ready to leave i got on it and hit the throttle, and it cut right off. !!!!!! the ghosts of the cemetery had filled my gas tank! eeeeeee! phew thank the goodness, it started right back up. i wholly spected to get killed.
after that near death scare, i just came home.

i got news from the shop, my subaru's engine block is cracked, i am sad. i used my sadness energy and organized some things. i mean really, the damn loyale manual just came in the mail today!

i my sadness i tried to nap with the dogs but just couldn't quite fit into the snuggle chair too.
everyone sleeps in the same spot
now its just back to the work week. bummer. gotta buy a car too, ughghghghghhhh

Friday, February 11, 2011

scanner time

awkward halloween
chauncey jones
you got somethin in yo' teef
backyard camping in the city
patty p
alicia, ha
swing jump
fugazi, schafer court, ians birthday 1999
menefee and jerry only, twisters, 1997?
who wears short shorts?
alex, party shirt, with billy
billy (right) just died. this is the only photo i have of him, but its from 1999, a cookout in my backyard.