Thursday, March 31, 2011

last week we went to florida for andrews brothers wedding. we had a whole week off to vacation and relax, THAT NEVER HAPPENS.
so we left barely 50 degree rainy Richmond and flew to blisteringly sunny 87 degree Boca Raton. we got off the plane and went blind.
tri rail station
no really, we sat at the tri-rail station squinting and fearful of the birds, who were very brazen and loud and were swooping and screaming at us.
we met the bride to be's family, they were sweet and so hospitable and kept us fed and watered all weekend.
we stayed for a few days at their neighbors house, who were also very generous with thier space. they had this dude, oscar, too.oscar loves belly rubs
he mostly wanted belly rubs and would jump at the chance to score one, anytime.
we were so blinded by the light that we took an immeadite nap. then woke up WAY later for dinner at the French's house. then we went back to bed. i'm not kidding, that sun was really bright, it stole the life right out of us.
we woke up the next morning feeling less blind and wandered over to the French's house.
we caught a ride to the beach and tried to rent scooters, but they were so expensive. bikes, same thing, wierd right? we called a car place and rented a car for the week, which was a little more than bikes but way cheaper than scooters.
we had to walk a bit to get to the car rental place.
luckily for us it was beautyful and we enjoyed most of the walk.
we went to this place to pick up our car, but there was a SNAFU!
vaca 005
it was a private resort and we were not allowed in, even to pick up our car. so we called the company after the gate lady was a real biotch to us and they offered to pick us up.
so we loitered on the edge of the property, probably angering the gate lady even more than our asking her directions, and waited for Hertz.
so tropical
the scenery was nice, you know?
there were lizards, EVERYWHERE, and it was making Andrew very nervous.
so Hertz came and got us, they were so nice, made a good Peruvian resturant reccomendation, and gave us a rental car.
rental car
A MUSTANG! WHAT THE SHIT! we asked for the cheapest smallest car and they gave us a spankin new 2011 mustang, oh shoot!
mustang face
i'm not sure who was most excited about it.
so then all we wanted to do was drive around, so we did. it was awesome.
test run
the bride and groom had to practice marriage, you know, to make sure they didn't screw it up.
groomsmen and jokes
there was lots of promenading and standing in formation, as is custom. also, there were jokes.
nearly wed
they did pretty good, no crying, and they even said all the vows so i'm pretty sure they got married a day before the real deal.
vaca 030
then there was practice wedding dinner, where there were lots of speeches and toasts.
vaca 032
lots of toasts
vaca 033
ya, even more.
vaca 034
this child relative of Andrew was there and she was HILARIOUS.
wild isabelle
she made Andrews brother wear her hat.
patrick and isbelle's hat
afer dinner we boardwalked and then met some extended family and chatted until really late. the wedding was the next day so we wanted to make sure we were really tired and grouchy for it.
vaca 047
the dudes were there, in fancier outfits. there were real bowties, and i think it caused much internal struggle.
the real deal
the ladies were ready too.
and then it happened! andrew got a new sister!
newly wed
the party started for real. there was fine dining, appetizers, dancing, toasts, speeches, and general mayhem. remember how we stayed out real late? well we pooped the party and were too tired to really be wild, so we sat at our table and stared at the people having fun. oh well, you can't win em all.
wynen's backyard
we left the beautiful land of the French's neighbors for a hotel.
the wynen's side garden
we said goodbye to oscar, and also this nice mona.
don't fret! we definitely hit the beach in Boca first.
we hid from the insanely bright and hot sun under umbrellas and watched iphone tv while our college basketball team defeated the number one team, underdog style.
then we watched videos of our town rioting with excitement. dang.
first stop south was fort loooouderdale, where we met andrews uncle and aunt and grandparents for breakfast. it started storming, so we hopped in the 'stang and headed more south to miami
a storm rolls in to Miami
we borrowed bikes and went on a long wonderful adventure all around Miami.
boom box building
we saw this building driving in then got to see it up close.
day adventure
there were lots of abandoned warehouse spaces that had been completely painted in great ways.
then there were places that had really cool stuff happening, allowed by the owners.
also, there were cats.
cats in Miami
we got beers at a Jamacian place, and I wished our breakfast hadn't been so big.
vaca 052
we rode back to the apartment to get swimsuits, Miami beach was calling.
beers on the beach, miami, as cruise ships depart
we had beers on the beach in glorious weather, swam, and watched a bunch of HUGE, REALLY REALLY HUGE crusie ships sail out.
it was so nice to sit and relax.
we headed home after a while, hungry.
i met this guy on the way.
the storm followed us form fort laundrydale and tried to foil our plans for cuban food

screw you weather, i will not be denied the deciciousness of roasted pork and plantains and rice and beans!
mmm roast pork at versailles
sweet plantains and black beans and rice
we went to versailles for dinner and dang. we died of happiness. the decor was soooo fancy, the waitresses had stellar polyester jumpsuit uniforms.
we ate so much that we simply had to take our selves to bed.
Goodmorning miami
Chris and Kaari let us take their couch space, so graciously. we woke up to a lovely day.
mr. jingles also let us share his space, very graciously.
we went for a wading adventure, in key biscayne
bridge to key biscayne
there was a barracuda under the bridge, and lots of weird oil on the bridge.
bridge grime
we wandered in crystal clear water, picking up shells and looking at cool sponges.
red sponge on the beach
found urchin at key biscayne
there was all kinds of cool stuff washed up into the mangroves on the shore.
the trees were very cool
it was a great adventure, we wanted to stay there forever
we realized that we had to be in our plane in a couple hours, so had to hit it outta there.
wading in key biscayne
the walk to the car felt sad.

it was hard to leave the water and know we were headed back to our jobs.
Key biscayne
until later, florida, you were real hot and bright but coming home to 40 degrees and rain was such a bummer.