Friday, March 4, 2011

so monday when sharon was over making pizza, i demanded that she give me the recipe for her crust. i'm notoriously bad at making my own, and i'm determined to master it.
here's the recipe for greatness
Dear Shern, thanju for the pizza crust recipe
red sauce, salami, bacon, asparagus, basil
olive oil, basil, salami, bacon, asparagus
I made a lot of pizza, and still have two doughballs left in the fridge. STOKED for endless pizza. garvan left a huge piece of salami as a present when he left tuesday, so i used a bunch of it on pizza. also, potatos. i love em.
i get this seed catalog that has all kinds of different potatos and their various nutritional values. i don't think i can get enough red potatos in my life.

working on the truck this weekend, the horn randomly stopped working and i'm too much of a crabby driver to NOT have my vehicle produce a noise of disapproval.

also i need to put the running lights back in. no bigs. stoked on warm weather and doin' thangs.

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Ian T said...

Allison makes a mean pizza crust as well
-- we'll have to give your recipe a try as we probably have pizza at least once a week (so delicious)