Saturday, March 12, 2011

lets talk about dinner.
i've been getting really bored with cooking lately and just wanted to try something new. i've also been trying to go to taco bell for terrible food lately, so i decided to make mexican pizza.
imagine, or try to remember, what is on one when you go to taco bell. go buy that stuff.
refry some beans
start by refrying some beans. or, you can just open the can and heat them up.
beef simmering in salsa and spices
start browning some ground berf. add salsa to it and some crushed red pepper, let it simmer for a long time.
dice some toppings
while that stuff is simmering, dice up some topping type things. avocado too.
fry tortillas! carefully!
heat up some oil in a pan and fry some flour tortillas. i'm always nervous about frying things, i keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of freakout.
the dogs always want to sit under frying stuff
idle doesn't really care about dinner, but dottie and egon have to hang out RIGHT IN FRONT of the frying stuff. danger!
mmmm golden brown
thats done! lookin good!
bean layer!
spread some beans on the bottom tortilla, layer one style.
add chee
throw some cheese on that bitch (you know, like that song, throw some d's?)
add ground berf
add a ground berf layer
add mo chee!
top off with more cheese, yeah!
bake it!
bake it til the cheese is melty
add toppings and enjoy!
oh man, dude put toppings on it and go buckwild! i was so full from one that i wanted to eat another one but i knew i would die.

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