Friday, March 11, 2011

man its been raining like crazy! last night it downpoured forever, our backyard was pretty flooded. a few weeks ago we pinpoitned the location where we wanted a firepit, and andrew dug the hole.
our backyard pond
the ground is so saturated with water that the hole has been its own little pond since yesterday. the boston terriers are real stoked about it, i'm really shocked that egon hasn't jumped in it yet.
worm trails!
also, blair witch style, the backyard ground is completely covered in little criss corsses. the worms, drowning in muddy water, made a massive migration for higher ground. cool?
less than two weeks til florida vacation, weather there is almost 80. its 50 and raining here. SO eggcite. beach, surfing, sun and exploring...PUMPED!

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