Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my goals for the weekend were to knock out some truck stuff (fix horn, side marker lights, remove torn up door panels) and to sew as many curtains as possible, for the downstairs bedroom and upstairs bedroom at the least.

woke up early sunday and took the door panels off the truck. after i get a couple leaks fixed (DOH!) i'll cut new fiberboard and cover with nicely stiched vinyl. then i'll recover the bench. however, after the rain this weekend, there were puddles in my truck. no dice.
i guess the window seals have been leaking a good bit over the years, things were pretty grimey, especially in the bottom of the doors.

they cleaned up pretty well, dunno bout all that black stuff though.

i spent quite a while with the horn, with no success. took apart the steering wheel and filed the connections of the horn buttons. they had tarnished, but weren't bad. then, took the old horn off and installed a new one with new connections, the old ones were completely corroded. wires sparked when they contacted each other and the truck, so i know i'm getting power there. i think my next step is to check the horn relay, wherever that may be. somewhere on the drivers side, behind the fuse box, somewhere....the e-brake relay was detached, fixed that little issue when i was looking for the horn relay.
friday i went to napa to get new marker lights, it was such a pain in the ass that i just ordered em straight up from ebay. they should arrive soon. hooked up at least the one that i had, ha.
so after all that horn fuss for no fix, i made pizza for breakfast.

it was delicious.

especially with the home made beer from one of andrews work clients!

the weather was delightful, it was nice to have such a sunny house.

i started laying out the fabric i bought to sew some curtains.

went outside at one point to find andrew taking tree matters into his own hands...danger!

took a break to go get mexican food and run some errands. siesta time! after that i was pretty done for the day. in bed early, full.

monday i screwed around with the horn some more. still no luck. so i just tried to finish sewing.
i think i like these curtains better in the living room than the seaweedy ones. i also put em up in the upstairs bedroom.

sewed a small kitchen panel too.

went for vietnamese!

also went for italian this weekend....shoulda worked indian in there somwhere.

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