Wednesday, April 30, 2008


just found out that i'm DEFINITELY getting sent to minneapolis in september. i'm so pumped on that. i think i'll be bummed to not really have free time there, but i'll deal. hopefully i'll at least be able to go out a little bit. maybe visit isabelle.

work is passing slowly. wish i was home, playing tendo. i think its become my all time favorite thing to do to waste time and chillax.

my goals for the next few months:

beat mario 3
ride my bike AT LEAST twice a week
re-wire my moped so the lights work again
go to kalamazoo in may
go to cincinatti in june
eat a lobster dinner somewhere
get together projects to sell at the bizarre market
get dental things figured out, make a plan for braces
win at life
The lilypad's hours

Rode with latane today, just a fast ride to osbourne landing and back. It was a good ride, but man it kicked my ass. I got home and had to go right to work. My body was so tired, im pathetically out of shape.
We rode around the docks for a second before we headed home, discovered a little resturaunt called the lily pad. Looked so funny, hometown feel but serving sushi? I wanta eat there.
I need to get out on my bike more, it always clears my mind

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


fuck i'm so bored. trying to come up with things to do.

maybe my boss is going to send me to minneapolis in september. it'd be awesome, even though it'd be a work trip. unfortunately i'd be going with co-workers, so i dunno what my chance to get away and visit anybody would be.

god actually that trip would really rule. i'd just really really like to get the fuck outta town.

jp's coming to visit this weekend, stoked on that. gonna plant seeds today, stoked on that too! andrew gave me a bunch of seeds he had. dunno how old they are but im just stoked to make em grow.

i heard its gonna rain all weekend and week next week. fuck.


what a boring weekend.

saturday after work i went to a cookout at jenny and jheny's house, that was pretty fun. chauncey got chased through the house by jheny's kitten, who is a terror. it was awesome.
sunday was a total bumout day. lounged around, did nothing. went to 2 different targets with andrew while he looked for a particular tech deck. ate mexican. went to bed early, at 10:30 or so.
monday was stupid too. rained so hard all day. woke up and played mario 3 forever. maintenance dudes showed up early and invaded our house, andrew and i couldn't really chill with them around. our air conditioner has been broken for a while, basically it was all iced up and not running.
they told us to run the fan and not worry about it. almost 5 gallons of water later we were pretty worried. called the emergency number, noone ever came out. lame.

went to mexico for tacos, chad and stu came over later. good to hang out. ended up going to bed early again, which means i feel great today. a nice change.

hope today goes by fast, i feel like its gonna be boring.

trying to ride bikes tomorrow am if its nice, then i have a work meeting at noon. then work all flippin day. booooooo.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Woah, the king at the end of the last level in mario 3 for nintendo looks like pat.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The best lunch ever-peanut butter and banana sandwich.

theres seriously been DOZENS of douchebags running up and down robinson street today doing a scavenger hunt. it almost looked like an old frat dude event. one group had cRaZy sneakers on, one had WaCkY socks, another had 'funny' bandanas.

fucking jerks. stay off my block!


what an idiotic end to a really fun night.

my lip is still swollen, theres a cut inside and on the outside. i iced the shit out of it last night and it didn't really help. when i woke up for work my eyes were badly swollen from crying so much.

i lied and told the girls at work that idle had headbutted me in the lip hard while we were roughhousing. i'm supposed to go to a cookout tonight and i really don't know what i'm gonna say when jenny and april ask me whats up with my busted lip. they're gonna be so annoyed. its weird, i'm embarassed that it happened, like i feel guilty or something. like i should hide it.

i don't know why i feel like that, it wasn't my fault.

i took pictures of my lip and bloody hand last night but i can't find them on my phone anymore. weird.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Latane visited me at work for a haircut, apparently hes rich, bitch.

i helped april kill her fish yesterday after work. it was really really funny.

april is one of those people who wouldn't even swat a fly really. she loves her pets like they're from her womb, SERIOUSLY.
a week or two ago we went to the pet store and bought new fish for a tank her last roomate left when she moved to the west'd had the same fucked up looking fish in it forever. the old fish immeaditely started picking on the new fish. april was really worried, and texted me a lot about it. almost every day.

last weekend we re-designed the tank. added rocks and plants for her fish to hide out in, landscaped and in general made it look super different. i was hoping that the rearranging would throw off the old fish's territory and he'd stop nipping fins. well it didn't work. april texted me a lot again, she couldnt catch the fish but she wanted him OUT of the tank.

i agreed to stop by after work and snag him. now, i worked in the pet industry for eight years. i'm used to dealing with animals in a lot of different ways. i'm pretty well trained in putting animals down humanely...its just something i can accept as a thing that needs to happen sometimes. april, however, i wasn't so sure about.

when she texted me mid-day yesterday to tell me that the jerky fish had ich, i almost reccommended that we flush him. but i didn't think she'd be down, and i assumed she would think i was an asshole for even reccomending that.

yesterday when i got to her house, i caught the dude and put him in a glass. he looked like total shit. his spine was crooked vertially and horizontally, he was COVERED in ich. when april said to me 'you know, i'm not opposed to flushing him' i was amazed. so we gave him a burial at sea. it was funny.

april called jenny later and fessed up to fishies demise (jenny won't even step on bugs in her house). when jenny was aghast in a joking way at what april had done, april justified her action by saying 'emily said it was okay!'



last night stu called andrew while we were at dinner, julie had been hit by a car on a ride.
apparently she was t-boned by some kid that 'didn't even see her.'

andrew went to mcv to check on her, apparently stu wasn't even allowed to go back to see her wheil andrew was there. i think she's okay, hopefully, but any kind of accident like that HURTS. the next week will be a major bumout for her, i'm glad she wasn't SERIOUSLY hurt in the collision.

here's to no broken bones, no fractures, no concussions, no sprains or pulls in '08.

get better julie.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


its been such a long week.

worked tuesday, it was super blah and boring. made the shift take forever. tuesday night i went to tarrantinos with chad, stu, and andrew, got pizza. had a good night.

wednesday i woke up for an all day dentist sesh. 9-12 under the drill, then 2-5, more of the same. my gums were thrashed but after the 6 hour appointment i had an amazing new fake tooth and another restored.
came home and passed out, so completely exhausted. andrew came home, we'd talked tuesday about checking out the sprint series. i rushed to get my shit together and we headed out to schafer court. got there and everyone had already left, we headed out to catch em.

got to the diamond and there were a shitton of people pulling in on their bikes. i was kind of shocked. anyway, there were races, and people won, and bikes were ridden, by the time we were leaving i was HUNGRY and was pumped to finally be headed towards dinner. ended up stopping by jacob's house first where dudes drank beer and hung out. they nerded out about bikes forever. i sort of wish i had been feeling better, cause then maybe i would've been more sociable. as it was, i got to the point of being so hungry that it made me sick and really grouchy. we missed the cut off for food at mojos and i was SUPER annoyed. i wanted to leave but i didn't want to go there alone. and i certainly didn't want to go pick up food and take it home alone.
i decided that i would wait it out, go to mojos whenever the dudes were motivated to move, and have a beer. then go immeaditely to bed.

i had a fun night, i just got to the point of feeling so bad that i think i got maybe shitty. or not shitty, just unsociable. i had a rad time talking to starr, i was so glad that she was hanging out, stu always cracks me up, and chad's stories are always hilarious. the combo of a 6 hour dental appointment, mouth type pain, and stabbing hunger just didn't really make me that pleasant to be around. i know my limitations...i know to put myself in time out if i'm being an asshole...but i really didn't want to be alone.

we finally left mojos, andrew was hungry. i didn't want to sit and wait for an alladins pizza so he grabbed a frozen one from rite aid. in fact, by the time i got home, i wasn't even hungry anymore. i just wanted to go to bed and sleep comfortably. he put the pizza in the oven and set the timer. then he went upstairs and passed out on the sofa. i woke him up, i was going to bed and wanted to make sure he didn't burn the kitchen down by forgetting the pizza in the oven. he swore he wouldn't forget. this was at 2 am.

at 4:15 i woke up and smelled bad burning. went downstairs, the kitchen was smoky and the pizza was still 'cooking.' andrew was stone cold stunned on the couch, dead to the world. i cut the fan on and the oven off, laughed because the pizza was now small, rock solid, and completely black. you could tell it was once a pepperoni pizza by the texture, but otherwise it bore no semblance to pizza whatsoever.

woke andrew up and told him his pizza was burned up. he was bummed, but immeaditely passed back out again.

woke up this am and laughed again at the pizza. so ridiculous. i'm really glad i woke up though, and cut the oven off before we had a fire.

i called that accident happening from a mile away.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


went to the dentist for a while yesterday, three hours of drilling. got one tooth hooked up with a veneer, got another restored with a partial veneer.
the full face numbness lasted til late in the afternoon, all i wanted to do was eat but i couldn't feel anything.
went to little mexico with chip and andrew, turns out monday nights are $1 taco nights. hello new monday night dinner date.

andrew and i escaped to the beach sunday. i helped april re-do her fishtank in the morning, then headed to vabeach. listened to the radio all the way there, blasting down the highway. it was a lot of fun, we shopped a lot, i bought a sharktooth necklace and a really awesome shark mouth picture frame. Ate at zeros, walked down the boardwalk. a rad day.

work is pretty painful today, slow but annoying. stylists got mad tude, expect you to pick up after them when they are literally sitting down. fuck that, i'm calling 'not it!'

i sent away for a lot of prints of photos from the past few years. i can't wait to get em, hopefully tomorrow afternoon. dunno if it'll be that fast but i hope so.

i go back to the dentist tomorrow for a 6 hour sesh, i'm gonna be a retard by the end of the day. but i'll have a completed pulpectomy and hopefully a shiny new front tooth. last time i went for a 6 hour appointment i was nearly asleep by the end of things. it was awesome. mostly i'm excited to not have what looks to me like meth mouth. we talked yesterday about maybe trying to work out some braces, honestly i dunno how i can afford them. i was thinking about looking for a job on mondays, taking that money and putting it directly toward braces. i think i might go crazy working mondays though. we'll see.

i'm gonna eat some lunch. hoo-rah.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008


the ghetto was on fire today.

i was walking chauncey in the morning and noticed gray sky in the near distance....went up to the rooftop to check it out.

you could see huge columns of smoke billowing up from just east of Adams Street. maybe creighton court?

it was funny, i got to work and hit up all the news channels websites to get the scoop, there was no fire listing anywhere to be found. maybe a bit later today it'll be on.

what happens in the ghetto stays in the ghetto i guess.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Man im so excited. One of jennys clients just called her, had a 1 year old rescue pug she offered her. Sodas gonna be so pumped to have a friend again.
Sheesh, spent my morning wading thru resumes. I dont even want to start calling around. Dreading it. I need to hire a sidekick basically, welsys gonna be hard to replace. Shes the perfect mix of business and fun. Such a bumout.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The massage therapist just resigned! Apparently he found a space to rent so he can creep on ladies in private while he massages them. Sweet.
Today has been really hard. Thats the only way i can describe it even though it sounds stupid. Its been a total test of my ability to not flip the fuck out on my coworkers. Working with a bunch of girls sucks, especially when theyre all moody and shitty rude at the same time.
You know what else sucks?
Pollen making my throat burn, salads from curbside, work meetings that waste an hour and a half of my time when im super slammed, rain on the weekends, being poor, working til 9, negative nancies and party poopers.
You know what rules?
Everything else.


sooooo about two months ago dentist Becky tells me that i'm no longer allowed to have sugar. absolutely NO soda she tells me. thats cool, i don't usually drink soda anyway. i stick to coffee or water. i think i've been pretty good about it, if i do have a cookie or something i try and drink water right afterward.

well tuesday when i did groceries i kind of hit a new high (low?) for myself, instead of buying sugar for morning coffee i bought a sugar substitute called APRIVA i think.

its looks like fake snow but tastes fine. the equivalent of a 5 lb bag of sugar cost me 5.99 and weighed less than a pound. bizarro life.

i'll probably get cancer from it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


my boss' boyfriend just pulled up in his landscaping rig, the big truck and trailer. she saw him, and exclaimed "oh look, its sanford and son."
my bosses boyfriend is black, she's white. i about died.

i think everyone within earshot pooped their pants a little too.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have a real love/hate relationship with lunchtime at work. Everyone leaves at the same time for an hour, which is nice. It makes for good quiet catch up time when youre running behind.
When its slow its a killer hour though. You sit in quiet watching the clock for an eternity. It makes me so tired. Id like to take a nap while this is going on but theres always someome that decides to work thru their break. Its basically having the salon open for one person. So lame. T minus three hours til ill be home making mango salsa.


last night was kind of awful. total discomfort in so many ways. i couldn't sleep at all. i'm glad i only work until 5 today, that way i can go home and be a zombie in peace.

i feel terrible.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I got a new kitten today! Actually, i scraped about 2.5 kittens off the comforter in the bedroom. Id been in the habit of lint brushing the bed every other weekend but the past month i slacked completely. I got tired of being the one to always do that particular chore and quit the job. The past week trying to sleep has been miserable. My eyes were swelling up as soon as i laid down, my asthma kept me up all night.
Today i just couldn't take it anymore. Seeing the bedroom in daylight was embarassing. I've slept on way cleaner floors. Our black comforter was grey. So nasty. I popped an allergy tab, grabbed the wet/dry vac, and tore the bedroom a new asshole. Maybe tonight i'll sleep uninterrupted.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Went to carrie and joeys wedding after work yesterday. Its always funny seeing your dirtbag friends dressed up. Had a blast, it was fun as crap. Took a cab there and home-what an adventure. So funny, both drivers were very country. Redneckery. They were both unhappy to be drivin in 'the city.'
Came home and star was over. Dont get to see her out often enough at all. Her and andrew split, i changed into comfy clothes and went to jennys. Then went to empire. Then mojos to see luggage. Came home and slept like a rock.
Didnt really do much today. Laid low. Went to the pet store and helped april pick out new fish. Went to casa grande for dinner, i'd been craving mexican big time. Got home just in time for rock of love. Cant wait for the reunion show next week.
Tryin to fall asleep to tv never works anymore. I get tired but when i actually get to bed i'm wide awake.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My lipgloss is cool. My lipgloss is poppin

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I got a bike bell last year cause i was tired of yelling at people that walk out into you when you ride down the street. I guess i realized how much more effective dinging a bell was than raising your voice and sayin 'heads up asshole' when andrew and i went to new york and rode bikes for a week with erin. She'd ring her bell and the person would stop dead in their tracks. Its way more polite too.
It makes me laugh that pedestrians still get mad when you use the bell. Today on my way home some woman yelled 'fuck you!' at me when i sounded my bell at her. She didn't even see me til i was close enough to flick a booger on her-she was crossing the street looking the other way. She was more than halfway across when i hit the bell, her head snapped around to see me and she instantly cursed me. I love it when people lose over stupid shit.


i had a really nice morning today.

the ride into work was hurried but really nice. awesome morning weather always gives me PMA for the rest of the day. i was a block away from work when i passed a SCION with a sticker on it that said "SCION LIFE" in script. i laughed, thought about trying to find one like it for the massage therapist at work.

some background:
the massage therapist hasn't really been in a relationship for a while. he has this strange 'connection' with this woman that he remains totally infatuated with for years after their brief love affair. he loves wine, she loves wine. he loves god, she loves god. he loves her, she loves makin money and being independent (thanks beyonce.) he sees her from time to time and has a meltdown with every run in. i guess last year she came to her senses (?) and called him, invited him back into her life. said she was ready to be in a settled place or some lame excuse. anyway. she took him into her house, made him quit his second job, bought him a SCION and a ton of new clothes. big shopping spree. now they're engaged. that he has these sweet clothes and a bangin (!) car, he acts like vanilla ice soooo cool. he pulls up everyday in sickkkk shades blasting sade, taking turns in his scion like a commercial. i think he'd actually like the sticker.

its been so hot all day in the salon that i'm sweating to death. everyone else is apparently cold. i'm dying.

my old boss came to visit today, her husband came with her. haven't seen faozi in a long time, forever. he gives such uncomfortable hugs...approaches you like he's gonna give you a pat your back hug, then grabs the shit out of you til you can't breathe. its funny, it gets me every time.

t-minus one hour til i'm off work. going home, opening windows, then taking the dogs on a marathon walk. gonna go visit jenny and soda, the dogs will probably eat their weight in cat shit in the backyard while we're there, they always do. big dummies.

gotta go.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I just broke my banana nearly in half with my brute strength when i tried to peel it. Life is hard when you're so strong.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why is it that every library, richmond city and henrico county at least, has every episode of star trek on vhs but so little else that isn't non fiction?
Andrew took a bunch of myspace style photos of him and idle on my phone the other day. I thought he'd deleted em til i found em just now. So funny. Im gonna go to the library after work today, haven't been in a long time. Probably just walk around aimlessly.
When i'm bored at work my brain farts out thoughts. A sputter....I wish my closest friends liked riding bikes. Its getting into awesome weather and i want to find someone on my schedule to ride with. Someone that not gonna be embarassed in front of when i have a brutal asthma attack and have to stop riding to catch my breath. Im a lazy bum, i need the obligation of not letting someone down to make me leave the house sometimes.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What a good day. Mondays as of late have been anyway. My bike was covered in dirt and pollen after riding in the rain this morning so i took it apart and cleaned everything. It'd been a while. Kicked it at home after lunch, we ended up going to kuba kuba, made a summertime ipod mix that im so stoked on. Best yet. Listening to it now-full of std-playing mario 3 on the tendo, eating good oranges. Stoked, feelin rad. Can't wait for long summer days, bikerides in hot weather, swimming and porch hangouts every night.


it seems like i'm always playing catch up.

brushing my teeth sunday morning when andrew called me into the other room. he'd been nerding out on google maps' street view option for like an hour, looking around our neighborhood and what not. turns out they caught an image of me walking the dogs on there. I'M FAMOUS!!!!

anyway that was neat and cool and creepy.

i'm so feelin kroger's sweet five dollar discount today. went to do groceries and bought ten of these 'on sale' items (including progresso soup and healthy choice frozen pizza) and got five bucks off my total. that rules. i'm a nerd.

so this weekend basically was lame and cool in the same degree.

saturday i worked all day. got to hear everyone complain about the 10k. they suck. learn how to navigate your city. andrew picked me up, all spiffed up, went to europa for mason/allison's engagement party. allison foxxx was there, shawn and rebecca came a little later. boozed, snacked, laughed a lot. went home. ordered pizza. went to stu/julies house. mad chillin, rebecca was HILARIOUS. apparently she was even more awesome at ipanema, where everyone went right after the europa thing. came home, passed out.

woke up sunday super lazy. still raining outside. lame. wanted bad to fix my moped, or go somewhere to walk around, or ANYTHING really to get outta the house. went to get mex with andrew, his truck got towed in the wee hours of the am. called the lot number, they're already closed but say they'll stay there another 15-20 min if we can get there. i call around, try to find a ride. tatjana to the rescue, we make it to the lot, shell out 135 bucks (!) and get the truck. andrews super pissed/bummed as to be expected. casa grande and a margarita didn't really make it better. went home and napped til 8, i'm a loser.

watched tv, snoozed more, got made fun of for being so lame, and finally went to bed.

i've been crating chauncey at night lately, if he goes uncrated he pees and poops in the house. no matter how late at night i walk him, its always the same. he's taken to starting to bark at 2 am, then again at 6, and again at 7. i seriously thought i was going to strangulate him last night. its beyond annoying, at 230 am when he starts it up i want him to die. i'll get a muzzle if it continues, tough love.

today....its raining again. cool. had a list of six-ish places i had to go, rode around and tried to enjoy it. ipod blastin the jams, wet jeans with twisted seams. i'm home now, kinda dry, and i'm heading to cafe ole for lunch with jenny and pat. hell yeah.

i want a new camera. i think. one with higher res photo capabilities. better options. i like mine now cause i'm not afraid to take it everywhere. i need to research. not trying to spend 3k on a camera, but i'll drop 350-400 maybe. i'm poor, pipe dreams btw.

gotta go.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Work and lunch at the same time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Little carrot

I got these shoes this weekend. They fit weird, like theyre on the wrong feet.


to sum up the last week:

thursday was awesome. had the day off, the start of my 7 day weekend. did a crazy purge clean of the house. neighbors had a grease fire, filled the 5th floor with smoke. thought i was going to maybe die, 3 firetrucks and some panic later i didn't even have to evacuate the pets. phew. awesome hangout at marks, CREEPY showed up (insane) and no one talked to him. treated. felt sick, like a headcold, coming on.

friday was great too. woke up, hung out. mad headcold. sinus pressure like woah. went to jennys, dudes from chicago in town. hung out for a long time, got restless and rode to aprils. hung there for the rest of the day, until it was time to walk the dogs. went to bike lot later on, kinda lame scene. enjoyed hanging out with my friends, thats all that really matters anyway. dudes from cincinatti called me around midnight, they'd just got to town. left the bike lot, rescued some out of towners on the side of the road on my way home. led em on a ride to where they needed to go. got cinci settled in with some beers etc and headed to empire for last call.

saturday=stellar. still sick, couldnt breathe all day. woke up, bkfast at perlys. headed to ride meetup. went on epic moped ride. 30+ miles of sun and awesome road. ended ride at bmx track. cops called on us IMMEADITELY. literally, we rode up, put our kickstands down as a dad whipped out his sidekick(teenager) and called 911. thought we were gonna ride the track where his little kid was doing laps. fuckin dummy. cooked out, ate 1 of everything. hung hard. went home, got cleaned up (a little) and went to incubate for mega dance party. danced my ass off with the receptionist at my work. andrew split early, i was bummed. chippo hung all night, that was rad. headed home 4am drunk and tired, hauled ass home as fast as possible. locked up my moped and my eyes were closing on the elevator ride up. andrew locked the bedroom door (on accident?) so i ended up camping on the sofa, cold as shit, pissed off about it. its whatevs now.

sunday i woke up late. sick as shit. felt like total crap. so sinus pressurey i wanted to cry. went to brunch with jenny and chicago. everyone exchanged stories from the night, good times. april texted to announce that someone at her house had pooped their pants in drunken passout. everyone exchanged stories about shitting their pants. weirdos. andrew was mad that i wasn't hanging out with him. tried to talk, no dice. went to swap meet, felt like shit, came home. andrew chip and stu were parked on sofas, full tilt. they went to watch bike polo, i slept on the sofa and tried to feel like not death. dudes from cincinnati headed home. woke up when andrew came home. chip treated us to a pizza party, mad hangout sesh with stu, julie, and alison too. passed out like a mofo.

monday woke up still sick. drove andrew to work, cooked bkfast for folks still in town. brought andrew lunch at work. came home, laid on sofa trying to stop my headache. no luck, still feeling bad. picked andrew up from work, we did something....i don't remember what.

tuesday i woke up because work was calling me. i was off, they thought i was supposed to open. LIARMOUTHS! i laughed and got up anyway. drove andrew to work again. finally i could breathe through my nose a little bit. i hung out at home all day, taking zycam and fucking off. i think i was on the internerd all day, uploading photos and ordering prints. picked andrew up from work. went to empire to catch a bite, came home exhausted. stopped at jennyd's to get my pinto, lent it to welsy. andrew called, wanted a meetup at ipanema for ellens bday. went there, i was delirously tired, things got real. came home and PASSED OUT. so sreepy.

i spent 6 hours at the dentist wednesday. got 2 teeth worked on, three hours each. veneers put on. the rest of the day was a wash...napping etc. went to mojos when andrew came home, got treated to dinner, 2 beers killed me. dunzo in a big way. home, pass out.

thursday was my first day back at work. it was stupid. i was giddy and retarded for about an hour, then welcome to earth! got run into on broad street, some dumbass hit me with his car on purpose. i got in his face as best i could from the passenger side of his suv. i wanted to fucking kill him. so pissed off. cooled off. patty p's bday, made him a big strawberry shortcake. so good. hung out at his house, ate bbq chicken and got promptly tired. came home in pouring rain, walked dog, andrew passed out in point two. dead to the world. i fell asleep on the sofa, woke up and made it to bed, then sat up for 2 hours unable to sleep. watched the shit out of Law and Order: SVU. awesome.

that about catches us up. today its friday. i'm going to 'sushi ninja' for lunch. becky is doing jennyd's filling for boards, i texted her this am wishing her luck and proclaiming her a dental wizard. confidence boosting! counting down the hours til i'm off. gotta work all day tomorrow, good times. good money is more like it. i'm poor as shit after my vaca.

maybe i'll post some pictures.