Saturday, May 31, 2008

i hate getting so pissed at someone that i can't blow it off. especially when it carries over to the next day. really bums me out.

Friday, May 30, 2008

i had such a rad time at the rollerskate party. i didnt skate but i had a blast watching everyone fall down. everyone except chance and andrew, of course, who are sexual chocolate on skates. its real funny. smooth jazz around the rink, lap after lap.

i'm glad i went, i was debating going because i'm still so banged up from body slamming broad street tuesday night. my stomach bruise is beautiful. its weird, all the little bruises are showing up now. all up my forearm, the top of my hand, my shins and calves all have little bruises here and there. i'm stupid.

went to the dentist this morning, i guess braces are a little closer than i thought. maybe in a few months even. we'll see what i can afford.

ima upload pics later, should be some funny rollerskating ones.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

suprised my coworker with a bridal shower/bachelorette party last night. it was really fun. the ladies were drunk and funny. hung out at racine until i was too tired to hang on anymore, then biked home.
it was funny, i came home and fixed my other coworkers glasses. dremeled and epoxied to make them look fixed and not so fucked up. operating a dremel carefully after 4 beers was dumb, but i am apparently skilled? and didnt mess them up.
chip came over, haven't seen that dude in forever. i swear to god his beard is like TWO INCHES longer since i last saw him, which was about 2 weeks ago. crazy.
went to mojos, hung out with a buncha people. latane came over and shot the shit, sean talked about how awesome his new york polo trip was, pat talked about the rally a little bit. chance and brad d were nerds, total geeks together.
i'm so glad SO GLAD i've gotten to know brad d over the past yearish. he's a fucking rad person and he makes me laugh. and his girlfriend lives around the corner from my work, so we hold down the block hard.
came home so tired and hurting from crashing the other night. six pack ruined my night.

chances bday rollerskating jamboree is tonight. i'm pumped. i definitely can't skate, cause if i fall i'll cry, but i wanta go to support my homeboy. my stomach and hip is bruised, my ribs hurt, my wrist is torn and my back muscles are stressed. mostly i just want to lie down.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

just booked my flight to minneapolis. its officially official. september can't come soon enough.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i hate people that take over planning other people's weddings. theres nothing more annoying than hearing all the details of a wedding as decided by an outside party. so obnoxious and selfish. get a fucking life.
this weekend flew by. left work saturday SO relieved that the week was over. got woken up early by frantic boss lady, the receptionist that was supposed to open was AWOL, couldn't be found. thank god she surfaced right before we opened so i didn't have to go in early.

sunday was awesome. went to the pipeline with the dogs, stu and julie brought sandwich and banana, shawn and rebecca brought bailey, lulu, and dan. it was crazy dog playtime. lots of swimming and rolling in stink. went to mexico afterwards, put myself in a food coma.

yesterday was a wind down. stayed home and worked on the house. andrew built the workbench he'd been wanting to build forever, i planted the seedlings i've been growing. made a little rooftop garden. i'm stoked for tomatos this summer.

this morning i woke up in a really bummer mood. i had a hard time sleeping all night. woke up having asthma attacks, then had a migrane at 3:30. took meds, fell back asleep by 4:00. andrew got up at 5:30, yelled at the cats and started talking to me about the sheets and cutting the ac on....i was a little shitty but only because my alarm was gonna go off at 6:00 and i'd FINALLY fallen back asleep when he woke me up.

got to work and was irritated. the whole salon was torn up....the owner cleaned monday and rearranged everything. put things away where they didn't belong, fucked up the retail displays, didn't do stuff that was supposed to be done, and left me with a long list of things to finish. nevermind that i'm slammed tuesdays with payroll and the product order. i got shitty and took care of things, but it sure didn't settle out my mood.

currently trying to get out of hatersville, things are looking up. i think i might go get nates tacos for lunch if i can actually take a break.

trying to schedule an emergency dentist appointment, gotta get my mouth looked at STAT! i've been waking up every morning at 3:30 with a really bad migrane, i waited through the whole week to get an appointment. shits gotta happen, i can't keep waking up all night long miserable. its killin me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

about 20 minutes ago i watched a large dude rollerblading on robinson street heading towards broad street. i laughed, i think rollerblades are pretty funny/lame. well he just now came back down robinson, heading toward cary, with a cvs bag. i love the idea of running your drugstore errands by rollerblade. thats whats up.

Friday, May 23, 2008

the past two work days have been so stressful. meltdowns, fights, and shitty attitudes. i'm so over working with catty girls. i'm done with people with no lives that bring juvenile drama to work. so lame.

on a nicer note...
i want to grill out this weekend. make lots of good veggies. maybe burgers.

honestly i just want to have a nice fun weekend. hangin out and chillin out.

its gotta be better than this.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Snakes on a plane?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what a fucking relief.

i was in and out of court this morning in five minutes. walked in, gave my name and case number, and was immeaditely dismissed. no big deal. all those nights of no sleep, being panicked all day long, and in general freaking out were for nothing. i guess its better to have been overly worried than casual about it.

i'm gonna celebrate tonight. while i was walking home from 9th street i almost skipped the whole way. i was in my head the entire time, so thankful that i was done with the stress of it all.

i came home and made tacos filled with yellow squash and potatos. then i napped. it was awesome. i'm at work now, only gonna be here for three more hours. its cool.

i had a freaking blast last night at eva and tony's house. ice cream socials are such a southern gathering, it was awesome. tons of rad friends to talk to, plenty of ice cream and treats to eat. their house is amazing, by the way. so rad.

when i came home andrew was in the middle of pulling everything out of the upstairs closet and re-organizing it. spreading it out so it becomes more accessible. he unpacked his kite collection and put them all together. it was really funny. what a nerdbucket. he immeaditely googled the kite makers website and spent some time watching videos of other nerds flying kites. sheesh.

having the kites all over the house reminded me of the time eva and tony spiderwebbed the ENTIRE 1600 sq feet of our loft with bright yellow string. they'd bought an entire weaving loom sized spool of it and spent the afternoon making the house impassible. it was amazing. walking in the door and having to belly crawl to the sofa was hilarious. i tried to find a picture of it but couldn't, though i know some were taken.

we went to bed that night cold, tired, drunk, and woke up the next day forgetting that the house was strung up. it was funny to have to cut your way through the house to the coffee maker.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So last year one of our clients started to go crazy. She was a kindergarden teacher that quit her job to be a housewife. Her husband is loaded.
Well as time progressed, she started to get weirder with every appointment. She went vegetarian, several months later was militantly vegetarian.
Things got worse, she stopped her meds. She lost a ton of weight and started missing appointments. Shed still send us cards for the holidays though, and they were absolutely nuts. Shed draw portraits of the whole salons staff on the back of the envelope, then erase it mostly and send it anyway.
Well today i found her card from thanksgiving last year. Its awesome.
It was crazy, as her condition became more unstable her handwriting became more and more childlike. It got to the point that her checks were barely legible.
Her husband has her heavily medicated these days. Shits crazy.

rode to work in the rain, again. its funny, i don't even care anymore. i remember when i sold my car a few years ago, i'd wake up to a rainy day and get pretty bummed about riding in it. i'm not even phased anymore. in fact, a lot of days i like it.

i feel like i worked a lot last week, but i guess i didn't really. less than 40 hours by a little bit. it was just a draining week.

yesterday i celebrated. i mailed out the final payments on 2 old debts i had. AND i set up a workable payment plan for another one. AND my student loan dudes lowered my interest rate, called to thank me for an awesome payment record blah blah blah. i was maybe the biggest idiot ever financially when i was younger. it sucks to be still paying for it, but oh well. at least its gradually going away. my credit has definitely suffered, but it'll eventually go away.

took chauncey to the river yesterday with jennyd and soda and had a blast. the dogs were INSANE, swimming, falling in the mud, running and jumping rock to rock. chauncey was so tired that going back to the car was an endeavor. he slept all night.

i've got some major stress tomorrow, then i can breathe easy for reals. i'm looking forward to getting things over with. hopefully c-c-c-court goes well, and i don't have to panic. fingers crossed.

back to work.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I parked next to a lamborghini today.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

i had a fun night last night. it was stu's birthday!

andrew came home in a foul mood from a crappy day at work, had issues with a new bank card that couldn't be resolved over the phone. we got to stu's bday dinner later than planned, but there was still plenty of pizza to eat.

hung out at tarrantinos for a long time, then brought the party back to our house for a second. went to the roof, froze our butts off. went to stu's house and hung there til the beers were all gone.

rode to o-hill to jacob's house, he wasn't even home when we got there. we invaded anyway and hung out with his roomates until he arrived from another hangout.

after a while i noticed how exhausted i was. everybody was drunk and slowly sinking into the sofas. conversation was falling out. i left at 1am, went promptly to bed. had to get up for work by 6:30am at the latest.

woke back up at 4:30am, alone in bed. bummer.

i guess i took the last of the ibuprofen last night before bed, i woke up this morning with pounding face pain again. i had to get my shit together ASAP so i could go to rite aid for more.

i called becky yesterday about the swollen area in my gums and the pain. i have to make it through the weekend until anything can really be done. i've been on constant pain meds since last wednesday. its bad.

mtv was in town last night filming hells satans for a 'true life' pitch. i feel so weird about it. i'm very curious to hear what these dudes have to say about the proposed show, at the same time i want NOTHING to do with it. i wanta check it out but not show my face around them.

its weird to watch your friends fall apart for 15 minutes of fame.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Havent seen an old 20 in a while

same shit, another day.

rode to work in a downpour, about fifteen minutes after i got inside the downpour turned to light drizzle and its been holding steady at that.
i shoulda had another cup of coffee at home like i wanted and just chilled out that extra fifteen minutes.

i think i slept hard last night but i'm exhausted this morning. can't wake up or focus on anything. i need a nap.

went to sumo san with april last night, she was chillin with some friends from a ways back. had some beers, some veggie tempura, it was fun. her friends were wild, taking shots with the bartender. funny to watch. they were really nice folks though. i had fun.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Plastic bronco

Secret doorway.

phew. what a bananas day its been.

finally started feeling better last night. thank christ.

todays just been a runaround. the dogs were assholes this morning and refused to doodoo, made me late to work. got here and its been so crazy.

off and on the phone with jennyd, who's now got black mold growing in her kitchen. when i moved out i told her there was mold on the wall behind where my bed used to be in my old bedroom. jheny blew it off. after the leak and flood they've started to take it a little more seriously. the kitchen just got painted a couple months ago, its got black speckles on the walls already.

that sucks. i wonder if she's gonna be homeless. if its really officially black mold the landlord has to terminate lease or relocate her. i'm velly velly intelested to see what happens.

fuck, its lunch meeting time already. today is just too busy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i'm not feeling so good today. one of the teeth i had filled wednesday is kind of painful. my face hurts and my headache won't go away. i need to call becky and ask her what to do.

after the appointment wednesday i had a pretty swollen area in my gums, right where i'd had 2 teeth extracted a long time ago. it hurt to touch. i assumed it was from having my mouth wide open for 6 hours, and i also assumed it would go away in a few days.

well its still there, it still aches, and i'm bummin on it. the tooth that aches is extremely cold sensitive....its excruciating to breathe through my mouth when i'm biking or eat anything that isn't room temperature.

dental pain is maybe the worst i've ever dealt with....your whole body suffers. you cant function or think.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

aw fuck.

my super exciting cincinnati trip plans just got crushed.

all my trips this summer are falling through. i'm so bummed.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

what a day. somehow work isn't quite over yet either.

found this pic online in betty's photos. it embodies all the frustration of owning chauncey, the dumbest dachshund ever. he's seriously mentally challenged. he's got mood swings too. he's mostly a jerk. the thought of throwing him away into the james river made me laugh.

last night i got a lot of stressful stuff off my chest. talked to andrew for a long time, felt way better after all was said. i actually slept restfully, unfortunately only for 4 hours. getting up at 6am on saturday mornings for work is a major bumout.

work is painful. long, stupid, boring, and slightly chaotic.

i absolutely cannot wait to go home. it'll happen here in the next hour or so. gotta walk soda tonight and this am. should be nice and easy.
thats the extent of my responsibility this weekend, i'm keeping it that way.

the last two days kicked my ass. a 12.5 hour day followed by an 11 hour day...that kinda workin's for teenagers. not me. i wanta eat chinese food and pizza and french fries and drink beers and fuck off. waste my time, play nintendo. take the dogs on retarded long expeditions, take naps and wake up late. i'm so glad its the weekend.

Friday, May 9, 2008

sometimes riding in the rain is really fun. i guess knowing that you HAVE to get somewhere, regardless of whether or not its pouring, is kind of motivation. when i left the house this morning it was literally pouring. a good rainjacket, hat, and glasses make the ride no problem. enjoyable, even.

halfway to work i hit a break in the storm. the roads were still full of water and the gutters were still overflowing, all the trees were sagging down close to the ground from the water weight. the juxtaposition of blue sky ahead and black sky behind was rad. made me feel a lot better.

went and visited shane last night, got to play with his cats. cutter is a savannah cat, so he's huge and wild. shane adopted 'booger' the black and white cat, because cutter really needed a friend to keep him occupied. i like visiting that household, its full of animals to stare at.

i guess i'm feeling better in general today. yesterday was kind of a meltdown. too much stress, too much bumout. seems like the good days are REALLY good, the bad days are REALLY bad. can't ever just keep middle ground.

i work a 12 hour day today. i'm already counting down the hours til i can go home. i need rest. and chillout. its been awesome taking the dogs on such long walks, its good for them and i finally get a chance to get out of my head and zone out. stare at everything, get distracted with abandoned buildings and tags, explore and learn about the neighborhood. its rad.

Cutter gets treats. Hes so fast that its hard to take a picture of him

Cutter stares down at me from the loft bed.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I think i just ate poison mustard.
Fuck i need a new life. Mine is killing me.
My seedlings are starting to grow really well. Im pumped. Every morning theyre bigger.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just got home from the dentist, a final 6 hour sitting.
Eating freezerburnt tater tots.
Listening to jets to brazil.
Updating the ipod shuffle mix.
Its marks birthday.
Im feelin awesome with the current state of things. Happy, satisfied.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


wow, there's somebody on craigslist trying to trade an engagement ring for a motorcycle.
guess that one didn't work out, huh?

Monday, May 5, 2008


went to the dentist today to finish my root canal. so glad it was only a three hour sitting. wednesday i go back for a 6 hour day, a little bit of time spent touching up the root canal, the rest of the time on other teeth. its becky's last day of school, she graduates and maybe moves away. she's been looking for jobs, so far in harrisonburg and roanoke. i'm gonna be really sad to see her go. she's an awesome friend and has been an unbelievable help with getting my teeth together.

i'm feelin real weird today, stressed, happy, sad, motivated and unmotivated. real wishy-washy. i dunno what i need or want.

i'm gonna go walk these dogs, get out of the house for a bit. think.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a funny day. Ate breakfast with andrews pops then went on a shopping bonanza. Made inappropriate jokes, lots of em. Came home and andrew decided to cut his hair off. The clippers werent really working so it took a long time.
He shaved his beard yesterday so its been a total hair removal.
Last nite was a blast, had a rad time with friends. Rode handlebars from our house to empire.
Im at the skatepark now, enjoying the grass while chauncey runs. Casa grande soon. What a good day.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

This is the type of shit i get from jennyd via text all day long. Sheesh.

Sometimes i hate my job, get all self righteous, and want quit. Hell, sometimes i even go as far as to start perusing classified ads for a new workplace. Then days like today happen and i realize that i basically get paid to hang out and talk to clients all day over coffee. In additinn to pay i sometimes get tipped. Lifes crazy.

Friday, May 2, 2008

That right theres some shitluck. Yep, literal shit.

My grips are so sticky from the hot weather, i dont even want to touch my handlebars.


finally its friday. thank christ.

next week is gonna be such a bumout. monday i go dentist from 9 to 12, work tuesday 8 to 5, dentist wednesday from 9 to 5, work thursday 12 to 9, friday all fucking day and saturday the same.

it'll make up for my missing wednesday, but at a bummer of a price. i bet it'll be beautiful saturday or some shit and i'll be so bitterly working.

in other news, jennyd's apartment is currently flooding.
Last nite i slept so badly. I elbowed andrew in the face once and had bad dreams all night. I think it was because i ate an ice cream sandwich before bed and watched 30 days of night.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


i think the end-all, be-all worst feeling ever is finishing a cup of coffee and getting a mouthfull of grounds. crunchy, gritty, grains in your teeth.

thats why i switched to espresso.