Thursday, May 29, 2008

suprised my coworker with a bridal shower/bachelorette party last night. it was really fun. the ladies were drunk and funny. hung out at racine until i was too tired to hang on anymore, then biked home.
it was funny, i came home and fixed my other coworkers glasses. dremeled and epoxied to make them look fixed and not so fucked up. operating a dremel carefully after 4 beers was dumb, but i am apparently skilled? and didnt mess them up.
chip came over, haven't seen that dude in forever. i swear to god his beard is like TWO INCHES longer since i last saw him, which was about 2 weeks ago. crazy.
went to mojos, hung out with a buncha people. latane came over and shot the shit, sean talked about how awesome his new york polo trip was, pat talked about the rally a little bit. chance and brad d were nerds, total geeks together.
i'm so glad SO GLAD i've gotten to know brad d over the past yearish. he's a fucking rad person and he makes me laugh. and his girlfriend lives around the corner from my work, so we hold down the block hard.
came home so tired and hurting from crashing the other night. six pack ruined my night.

chances bday rollerskating jamboree is tonight. i'm pumped. i definitely can't skate, cause if i fall i'll cry, but i wanta go to support my homeboy. my stomach and hip is bruised, my ribs hurt, my wrist is torn and my back muscles are stressed. mostly i just want to lie down.

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