Friday, May 30, 2008

i had such a rad time at the rollerskate party. i didnt skate but i had a blast watching everyone fall down. everyone except chance and andrew, of course, who are sexual chocolate on skates. its real funny. smooth jazz around the rink, lap after lap.

i'm glad i went, i was debating going because i'm still so banged up from body slamming broad street tuesday night. my stomach bruise is beautiful. its weird, all the little bruises are showing up now. all up my forearm, the top of my hand, my shins and calves all have little bruises here and there. i'm stupid.

went to the dentist this morning, i guess braces are a little closer than i thought. maybe in a few months even. we'll see what i can afford.

ima upload pics later, should be some funny rollerskating ones.

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