Thursday, May 15, 2008

phew. what a bananas day its been.

finally started feeling better last night. thank christ.

todays just been a runaround. the dogs were assholes this morning and refused to doodoo, made me late to work. got here and its been so crazy.

off and on the phone with jennyd, who's now got black mold growing in her kitchen. when i moved out i told her there was mold on the wall behind where my bed used to be in my old bedroom. jheny blew it off. after the leak and flood they've started to take it a little more seriously. the kitchen just got painted a couple months ago, its got black speckles on the walls already.

that sucks. i wonder if she's gonna be homeless. if its really officially black mold the landlord has to terminate lease or relocate her. i'm velly velly intelested to see what happens.

fuck, its lunch meeting time already. today is just too busy.

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