Saturday, May 17, 2008

i had a fun night last night. it was stu's birthday!

andrew came home in a foul mood from a crappy day at work, had issues with a new bank card that couldn't be resolved over the phone. we got to stu's bday dinner later than planned, but there was still plenty of pizza to eat.

hung out at tarrantinos for a long time, then brought the party back to our house for a second. went to the roof, froze our butts off. went to stu's house and hung there til the beers were all gone.

rode to o-hill to jacob's house, he wasn't even home when we got there. we invaded anyway and hung out with his roomates until he arrived from another hangout.

after a while i noticed how exhausted i was. everybody was drunk and slowly sinking into the sofas. conversation was falling out. i left at 1am, went promptly to bed. had to get up for work by 6:30am at the latest.

woke back up at 4:30am, alone in bed. bummer.

i guess i took the last of the ibuprofen last night before bed, i woke up this morning with pounding face pain again. i had to get my shit together ASAP so i could go to rite aid for more.

i called becky yesterday about the swollen area in my gums and the pain. i have to make it through the weekend until anything can really be done. i've been on constant pain meds since last wednesday. its bad.

mtv was in town last night filming hells satans for a 'true life' pitch. i feel so weird about it. i'm very curious to hear what these dudes have to say about the proposed show, at the same time i want NOTHING to do with it. i wanta check it out but not show my face around them.

its weird to watch your friends fall apart for 15 minutes of fame.

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