Tuesday, May 27, 2008

this weekend flew by. left work saturday SO relieved that the week was over. got woken up early by frantic boss lady, the receptionist that was supposed to open was AWOL, couldn't be found. thank god she surfaced right before we opened so i didn't have to go in early.

sunday was awesome. went to the pipeline with the dogs, stu and julie brought sandwich and banana, shawn and rebecca brought bailey, lulu, and dan. it was crazy dog playtime. lots of swimming and rolling in stink. went to mexico afterwards, put myself in a food coma.

yesterday was a wind down. stayed home and worked on the house. andrew built the workbench he'd been wanting to build forever, i planted the seedlings i've been growing. made a little rooftop garden. i'm stoked for tomatos this summer.

this morning i woke up in a really bummer mood. i had a hard time sleeping all night. woke up having asthma attacks, then had a migrane at 3:30. took meds, fell back asleep by 4:00. andrew got up at 5:30, yelled at the cats and started talking to me about the sheets and cutting the ac on....i was a little shitty but only because my alarm was gonna go off at 6:00 and i'd FINALLY fallen back asleep when he woke me up.

got to work and was irritated. the whole salon was torn up....the owner cleaned monday and rearranged everything. put things away where they didn't belong, fucked up the retail displays, didn't do stuff that was supposed to be done, and left me with a long list of things to finish. nevermind that i'm slammed tuesdays with payroll and the product order. i got shitty and took care of things, but it sure didn't settle out my mood.

currently trying to get out of hatersville, things are looking up. i think i might go get nates tacos for lunch if i can actually take a break.

trying to schedule an emergency dentist appointment, gotta get my mouth looked at STAT! i've been waking up every morning at 3:30 with a really bad migrane, i waited through the whole week to get an appointment. shits gotta happen, i can't keep waking up all night long miserable. its killin me.

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