Wednesday, March 26, 2008


my 7 day weekend starts today at 8pm. i'm so excited i've got bubbleguts. everytime i get an email from an out of towner my stomach flips. i'm so completely pumped. rally time is like going out of town to me...richmond is filled with all these people you've never met or haven't seen in a long time. you hear new jokes, see new mopeds, hear new stories, and get shit talked to by all new people. i get overwhelmed with all the newness. puts me in perma smile excitement mode. i love taking folks that haven't seen richmond yet to places i think are really rad.

too bad my moped's being a dickweed. so heres the deal:

moped goes "pow pop pop sputter pop bleeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh" and cuts off going up a hill.
i get it home, find that the bulb of my brand new taillight is blown.
i replace it.
no dice. i check spark, i have none.
i check all my grounds and wire connections...everythings awesome.
i call pat, ask him to come by and see what the fuck is up.
pat says another bulb is blown(apparently i'm blind?), and shows me that simply grounding the power into the light to the frame will make my moped run in case that ever happens again.
i get a new light, and new bulbs, hook everything up. run a better ground to the new light fixture.
still no dice.
when i ground the power for the taillight, the moped runs like a mofo, but has no headlight also.

i don't get it. somethings wrong. hooked up backwards. if the headlight bulb blew i'm gonna punch somebody.

wow. its 4pm, i've got 4 hours left in my shift, and i've already become bored with the internet. bad news. i still have so much to do for the rally that i'm antsy with just sitting here while its slow. bums me out to have to hang at a desk answering phone lines.

i get new teeth wednesday. maybe i'll be cute then. ha.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pocket is such a good internet helper.


what a stupid night. woke up at 430am with a screaming tooth hole ache. wouldn't quit for anything. as soon as i was up my allergies kicked in and i couldn't breathe. got up for 600mg ibuprofen, then again for a claritin. couldn't get back to sleep til 530am, alarm sounded at 630 to get up. i procrastinated and made andrew upset.

today is so boring at work. trying to keep myself entertained, i got nothing. hardly any clients, the ones that are here are super suck. lame. i don't want to talk to them, or listen to them talk to me. no interest.

i need to work on mopeds when i'm off work. safari keeps breaking, pinto isn't tuned correctly. they ran great all winter, now with the rally days away they're shitting the bed. isn't that just neat?

discovered this weekend that chauncey absolutely must poop at least 3 times a day. if he only dumps twice outside, he'll go another time inside. he's the stupidest dog i've ever had to deal with. i like him, but he's mad painful.

i've got STD "in reverie" on repeat in the salon this morning, everyone hates me. i don't really care at all.

rob and big on tv tonight, i'm gonna laugh later.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

On my way hime frome family easter my moped broke down right at bryan park. Of course i didnt pack any tools or supplies. Called around and couldnt find anyone to pick me up. Just as i'd settled into walking home shane drove by and pulled over. Rescue! The limited tools he had weren't the right ones to take anything important apart, so we rearranged the contents of his jeep and loaded the safari in. Rode home halfway between the front and back seat holding my moped upright. Got home, took everything apart. Everything seemed in order. Tested spark, got none. Mystery solved when i realized that the taillight had blown. Fuck. No taillight equals incomplete circuit. Stupid italian engines. Mo peds mo problems.

Little carrot cake squares garnished with violets

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Frito came to visit at work today. Kept me company at the computer

Friday, March 21, 2008


i'm so frustrated with going to sleep alone every night. dunno what to say really.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This was burning the screen. I'm so flippin pumped.

again, shirts

I've been making shirts. Andrew helped, well he pretty much did most of it, I'm pumped to be able to make a good screen at home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

its getting more and more like spring outside everyday and its making me so stoked. this morning was awesome, still cold but so sunny it felt great.
rode my safari around all day, running errands here and there. i bought a screen to make PTC shirts for the rally, hopefully that'll happen, or at least start happening, this week. it sucks to just sit on that many shirts and do nothing with them.

came home from mopeding around and let the dogs out of their crates....idle smells so bad you notice the stink standing 4 ft away. its so all of a sudden, i didn't notice it yesterday. its gross.

this weekend was such a party. kicked it off with stars birthday jam at her house. made lots of cupcakes and ran 'em by, got to meet kate's french bulldog, stood around keeping quiet for the night. finally went home, dudes wasted. woke up saturday to the weirdest weather. HARD winds that felt like they'd knock you over, pushing clouds around that threatened thunderstorms all day. i was mega bored, felt like i was pulling teeth to get andrew to do something with me.
went to alicias that night and hung out with everyone there. hella satans get together kind of thing. went to jennys, then empire. sean's girlfriend, affia, had her 21st birthday and was insane. got to see a lot of folks i hadn't in a while though, and i was genuinely stoked. went home and devoured alladins food then passed out.
woke up sunday and played moped. bike lot in the sun, kickin it with pat, mark, cory, hippy, jenny and soda. left early cause andrew's boy kc was having a party, didn't know if andrew was planning on being punctual. four hours later we actually left the house. wasted stu came over, chad, andrew and i ordered pizza and chilled hard. got to the party, had a beer, keg was tapped.

i like kc a lot, but damn. the scene there was so cool it made me feel like my jeans weren't expensive enough. ended up hanging in the basement away from most of the party with some really awesome people, talking shit and drinking budweiser. ouch.

i really don't want to go to work tomorrow. especially if its nice outside. oooooh well.


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the dudes sat around one morning and made mutilated barnyard animals for this upcoming rally's rallypacks. They're all so ridiculous. This one was my favorite. I like the guts.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

new terrarium

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started another jar terrarium today, two actually.
one venus flytrap that andrew picked out and another pitcher plant that's spiraly.
kinda cool.
stoked for it to get established.

i forgot i had this. i'll update more on the reg now that i remember, new cameraphone means a lot more photos.
i'm bored to death today, its my own fault for not coming up with more things to do.
everything i got excited about fell through, so i've kind of been left with nothing. oh well, i guess that just sucks.
maybe something fun will happen tonight. meh.
sheesh, i'm a bummer.