Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Man it's hot as shit. I went for a bikeride with ian at 1pm, sweated my
guts out. In fact, the breakfast I'd JUST eaten threatened to make a
second appearance the whole time. I held it down though, and died the
whole way. I quit out earlier then I wanted, the heat was just such a
bumout I couldn't do it anymore.
Humid air KILLS it with the ashma, I can't recover from hard breathing
at all. Climbing a hill sucks.
Came home so stoked on a cold shower. Drank a shitton of water. Andrews
skating whle I chill on the bleachers, gonna hit up the casa grande in
about 15 minutes.
Birthday bowling later. I'm so totally stoked.

Car accident outside my apt. They're still trying to get the woman out.
today i'm gonna set up my miyata singlespeed. booyeah. its been sitting my garage in pieces for months.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The wii bowl took over the night

Puppies. So cute.

There goes my bikeride. Dag.
The rain needs to hold off so I can go home and ride my bike for a
while. Then it can pour as much as it needs. Just not right now...
yesterday was awesome. overall a great day. work was slow and boring, but its whatevs. got things done, slacked off, made jokes, and got asked wierd questions about my tattoos.

andrew took my to croakers spot for dinner, we shared a huge plate full of cabbage, potatos, cheese grits, rice, cornbread, scallops, trout, and shrimp. i was so full coming home, thought i wasn't gonna make it.

andrew got me some AWESOME new pedals and shoes, i'm super stoked. can't wait to put em on the vitus.

stu, julie, chad, welsy, jamie, and sandwich and banana came over, watched america's best dance crew at the house. hung hard, went to bed wired. took me forever to fall asleep, i guess i was just pumped from my after work hangout.

this weekend i need to really start getting rid of some shit. i've got a lot of junk i don't really need around...too much furniture in storage, bike shit i'm not running. time to bust out the camera and craigslist like woah. i wanta go through my clothes and get rid of a lot also. time to purge.

saturday i'm going bowling. sunday i'm going to overhill lake. monday i have to work, which sucks. then i have friday, saturday, sunday, and monday off next week, guess i can't really bitch too much.

anyway, yesterday ruled. after i pay rent this month i'm broke as a joke. here's to livin on nothing.

Our awesome dinner last night.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finally home.

Get up off that thang and get your hair did

Happy birthday to me! To celebrate I spilled a whole jar of really nasty
barbicide down my skirt and leg. It's totally cool tho, the smell went
away and the burning subsided. Yay!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finally home
yesterday at the pool an 8 year old black kid asked me if i was jennyd's momma. HA!

This weekend.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

work is really slow today, which is a major bummer. i was hoping it'd be slammed so the day would go by faster. as it stands, i've been here for only 3 hours and it feels like it should've been 6.
i gotta call latane and wish him happy birthday today. i bet i can get my coworkers to sing with me.
man i'm bored as shit. fuckin fuck.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

today has been a total emotional rollercoaster. i went to bed last night happy and woke up today in a panic.
this morning was exciting and nerve wrecking (i don't want to jinx anything.)

going to lees funeral put the excitement to a dead halt. i'm really sensitive about everything i think. i can't take anything sad or awful without crying. sitting through the service was crazy...i couldn't even look at his family while they were walking in, everyones faces were so sad and i know how much hurt they were all feeling. the speeches were so upsetting, especially when her father spoke. he's so old and his voice was shaking so much you couldn't hear him at all...he outlived his daughter!
i just don't deal with funerals well. it makes me worry that maybe i never settled things enough with myself when my dad died. i know i just kind of tried as hard as possible to get back to being normal, maybe in doing that i blocked a necessary greiving period. it just sucks, not being able to really even watch a movie where a sad things happens with a father without totally losing it. its embarassing and makes me feel dumb as shit.
i was thinking about it today. i don't remember my dads wake or funeral at all ane i was wondering if lee will. i know i was there, and i know my 2 best friends came to the funeral and that made me feel really relieved. i remember eating at the wake. the rest is just totally gone. maybe it was just the shock of an unexpected death...who ever expects their parents to die soon? maybe its just my really bad memory. i don't know how to properly greive now, 8 years later. i feel like after this much time i shouldn't feel like this still.
i need to unwind. i have a four day weekend this week and i desperately need to go enjoy myself. i don't want to cater to anyone, i don't want to put myself second, i want to do what i want for once. i'm totally spent.

Monday, June 16, 2008

ive been really busy. friday and saturday were a blur. work made me exhausted. friday after work i went to jennyd's house, hung out with a lot of folks til way too late. got 4 hours of sleep for saturday, when i really needed at least 8 to cope with the bridal parties.
830am saturday i almost strangled a flower girl. her mom, the bride, didn't give two shits that her little kid was running around, saying rude shit, knocking things over, and in general being a bitchy little brat. it started the day in a crappy mood.

sunday was better. woke up and went to see the racers for the xterra. caught a lot of the finishing, which is always rad to see. lotsa dudes flying around on mountain bikes. i always like watching the swim part of triatholons, its so much splashing it looks hilarious at first.
went to breakfast, then bummed around. andrew went on a road ride with stu, julie and chad. i went to watch bike polo, then rode around belle isle for a bit. cut through the back of the park by the train tracks on the narrow path that eventually widens and takes you to the 42nd street entrance off river road.....met jenny and tatjana on the rocks.
got a much craved salad from mary angelas for dinner and passed out shortly thereafter.

woke up today after 11 hours of sleep feeling fresh faced and bushy tailed. tore pockets cage apart and cleaned it, then cleaned the rest of her room. took my sidekick completely apart, fixed some of the non working buttons, and cleaned it too.
went to randolph pool and swam, caught some rays. then ate carytown burgers and fries. i'm currently crippled by food.

i like busy weekends, they make me feel productive.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is every day after work.

i had a fun night. got home from work and jacob was already over, i guess andrew bailed on skating to chill at home. i'd made plans to swing by a cookout since i thought andrew wouldn't be home til later, i even had a nice piece of salmon to cook. i made a fast marinade, walked chauncey, and headed over to pats. hung out there, ate a gourmet meal of grilled salmon and cheetos. had a lot of good, funny conversation. andrew and the dudes were gonna go to mojos after a space sesh at home, he texted me twice that they were there already but i didn't get them for a bit...i guess i left my phone on silent from work. they were done...completely toasted. i headed homewards from pats assuming they had already left the bar, they were acutally still there. i popped in, they were paying their tabs. i ordered a beer, drank it, then went and played double dutch with a bunch of awesome folks.
i used to be okay, even kinda good, at double dutch when i was in elementary school. now, seventeen years later, i'm not really that good at all. its intimidating as shit to jump in, and nearly impossible to focus once youre in there to jump rope. it was fun to try though, even though i sucked. its frustrating to be awful at something you used to be good makes me want to practice more until i can do it.
affia swore she was going to myspace me for more double dutch practice. sounds like fun. i was definitely stoked to meet some new folks last night, i feel like i don't really meet new people ever. its always just hangin out with the same folks, which i don't mind at all i love my dang friends, but its nice to see a new face sometimes.
i think i'm gonna go to adult swim after work today. i don't really care that i'm too porky for a bathing suit, i'ma wear a tankini and go swimmin.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soda is such an awesome dog. I love his face so hard

Monday, June 9, 2008

so remember this:

so here's whatssup. i'm making plans, and if i bail on any of them i hope i get struck down by lightning.

next weekend i'm going to cincinnati. i made my cardboard sign already, cinci or bust.

sunday i'm gonna go see rilo kiley. gotta find accompaniment, i'm bored with going to shows alone.

tonight i'm cookin out with the ladies. couldn't be more excited.

well guess how much of that happened?

none of it. yep. life's awesome. i'm waiting for that lightning strike

we decided this weekend that we're gonna make a dachshunds en mexico calendar for next year. viva la chauncey!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

We had a bunch of leftover wefts from a a bride today and spent a few minutes giving each other rattails and panels. Pretty rad

yesterday flew by at work. got home and tried to hang out, didn't really work. eventually i gave up and walked over to nates for tacos. deeee-licious.

later stu came over and hungout. good times as always. i was tired, had to wake up for work so just called it a night.

this morning has been interesting. i'm getting increasingly frustrated with my boss, she can't seem to leave well enough alone. she's loud and aggressive and bossy, expects people to jump when she says. she's 100% different than the previous owner, and i can't stand it. its really annoying to work for her.

i busted my ass to keep things together for the fashion show here, and got no mention in the program she made. i guess because i didn't do someone's hair? funny, other people got shout outs that didn't even show up. its little shit that adds up and makes me irritated.

its whatever. she stressed out so hard this entire week of her vacation that she logged onto the computer EVERY NIGHT to monitor the days. you'd come to work and find a quippy little note left on the desktop for you, giving you a list of things to-do. why the fuck would you take a vacation and work through the entire thing? its so dumb. everyone here was looking forward to a week with her gone, she managed to make her presence known every day. its like a giant pissing contest.

i'm just really frustrated with it right now and its taking up a lot of my thoughts. it sucks, i hate venting so often about work to friends but god sometimes you just have to get it off your chest. its so consuming...i like working where i do and i don't want to have to look for something else but i seriously keep hitting a brick wall here. her personality and attitude rubs me the wrong way every day. i want to tell her to her face how much i dislike her, and how every single one of her employees resents her and makes fun of her mistakes but that'd be such a dick move. and itd result in my immeadite termination. oh you know that thing where i'd get fired and maybe punched in the face.

you know what? i'm off work in two hours. it'll be my weekend. i have a trip out of town coming up next week, i'll be gone the whole weekend. fuck it. i'ma shake off the shittiness and enjoy my coworkers. then relish my time off. haters can't bring me down.

Friday, June 6, 2008

funny, when my coworkers started arriving at work today they were all complaining about the burning smell that was everywere. we have stylists that live over 20 miles away, and the haze and smell was present in their neighborhoods.

checked the news, turns out thousands of acres in north carolina are on fire and the smoke and smell has been blowing into virginia since tuesday. i guess it just hit us now.

things like that make me feel incredibly small.
early this morning downtown was so foggy. it was hazy around all the buildings and there was a familiar smell in the air. it reminded me of a the smell when a building was on fire and had been recently put out. kind of a wet, smoky, melting plastic smell. i walked around for a while looking for anything suspect of a fire...the haze made it seem like the city was clouded with smoke, recovering from a blaze.

finally slept a little better last night.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

this came out of my bicycle tire. dang.
yesterdays heat sucked. it lasted all day and night. so gross outside. humidity like that makes me kindof freak out a little bit.

so here's whatssup. i'm making plans, and if i bail on any of them i hope i get struck down by lightning.

next weekend i'm going to cincinnati. i made my cardboard sign already, cinci or bust.

sunday i'm gonna go see rilo kiley. gotta find accompaniment, i'm bored with going to shows alone.

tonight i'm cookin out with the ladies. couldn't be more excited.

HOPEFULLY i'll be going to nags head some weekend toward the end of the month. we'll see whats up. modest mouse plays soon too, the last weekend of the month. i really want to go see them, but i rely on others to drive me out of town to do so. we'll see what happens. i hate getting bailed on last minute SO MUCH that i hate even making plans anymore. everyone always backs out.

i had a good time last night talkin to eva and tony. i really miss seeing them everyday...they were awesome roomates and are stellar friends. such good people in my life. makes me stoked even when i'm bummed hardcore.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

what a gross day outside. it'd be cool if i was off, cause i'd be at the pool so fast. riding to work and then running work errands via bike sucked cause i had to look presentable when i got back. pulling on jeans over sweaty legs=the coolest shit ever. all i could think about was riding bikes to randolph pool like last summer and the one before. such awesome times.

i bought a bunch of zucchini today in the hopes that someone will have a cookout this week or weekend and i can grill it. maybe i'll buy charcoal and cook it at home. i dunno if that'll happen.

i'm antsy to get my sidekick battery in the mail. i'm so stoked to have one again, i'm gonna be a total loser and lame out so hard when it works. so lame. can't wait.

i wonder if anyone would wanta go to hadads or overhill lake this weekend. itd be a fun ride in disgusting weather.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

last night i went to bed upset, this morning i remembered why but couldn't remember the things i wanted to say. its really frustrating. i'm not sure if i was just drunk or bratty or drunk and bratty or neither.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yesterday evening riding home from work a lightning bug nearly missed my face. I was half certain that it really was one, kinda skeptical really based on the time of year. Later down the road something started tickling my leg, looked down and found a lightning bug crawling on me. Im stoked. That means its officially summer.