Monday, June 16, 2008

ive been really busy. friday and saturday were a blur. work made me exhausted. friday after work i went to jennyd's house, hung out with a lot of folks til way too late. got 4 hours of sleep for saturday, when i really needed at least 8 to cope with the bridal parties.
830am saturday i almost strangled a flower girl. her mom, the bride, didn't give two shits that her little kid was running around, saying rude shit, knocking things over, and in general being a bitchy little brat. it started the day in a crappy mood.

sunday was better. woke up and went to see the racers for the xterra. caught a lot of the finishing, which is always rad to see. lotsa dudes flying around on mountain bikes. i always like watching the swim part of triatholons, its so much splashing it looks hilarious at first.
went to breakfast, then bummed around. andrew went on a road ride with stu, julie and chad. i went to watch bike polo, then rode around belle isle for a bit. cut through the back of the park by the train tracks on the narrow path that eventually widens and takes you to the 42nd street entrance off river road.....met jenny and tatjana on the rocks.
got a much craved salad from mary angelas for dinner and passed out shortly thereafter.

woke up today after 11 hours of sleep feeling fresh faced and bushy tailed. tore pockets cage apart and cleaned it, then cleaned the rest of her room. took my sidekick completely apart, fixed some of the non working buttons, and cleaned it too.
went to randolph pool and swam, caught some rays. then ate carytown burgers and fries. i'm currently crippled by food.

i like busy weekends, they make me feel productive.

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