Saturday, June 7, 2008

yesterday flew by at work. got home and tried to hang out, didn't really work. eventually i gave up and walked over to nates for tacos. deeee-licious.

later stu came over and hungout. good times as always. i was tired, had to wake up for work so just called it a night.

this morning has been interesting. i'm getting increasingly frustrated with my boss, she can't seem to leave well enough alone. she's loud and aggressive and bossy, expects people to jump when she says. she's 100% different than the previous owner, and i can't stand it. its really annoying to work for her.

i busted my ass to keep things together for the fashion show here, and got no mention in the program she made. i guess because i didn't do someone's hair? funny, other people got shout outs that didn't even show up. its little shit that adds up and makes me irritated.

its whatever. she stressed out so hard this entire week of her vacation that she logged onto the computer EVERY NIGHT to monitor the days. you'd come to work and find a quippy little note left on the desktop for you, giving you a list of things to-do. why the fuck would you take a vacation and work through the entire thing? its so dumb. everyone here was looking forward to a week with her gone, she managed to make her presence known every day. its like a giant pissing contest.

i'm just really frustrated with it right now and its taking up a lot of my thoughts. it sucks, i hate venting so often about work to friends but god sometimes you just have to get it off your chest. its so consuming...i like working where i do and i don't want to have to look for something else but i seriously keep hitting a brick wall here. her personality and attitude rubs me the wrong way every day. i want to tell her to her face how much i dislike her, and how every single one of her employees resents her and makes fun of her mistakes but that'd be such a dick move. and itd result in my immeadite termination. oh you know that thing where i'd get fired and maybe punched in the face.

you know what? i'm off work in two hours. it'll be my weekend. i have a trip out of town coming up next week, i'll be gone the whole weekend. fuck it. i'ma shake off the shittiness and enjoy my coworkers. then relish my time off. haters can't bring me down.

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