Friday, June 27, 2008

yesterday was awesome. overall a great day. work was slow and boring, but its whatevs. got things done, slacked off, made jokes, and got asked wierd questions about my tattoos.

andrew took my to croakers spot for dinner, we shared a huge plate full of cabbage, potatos, cheese grits, rice, cornbread, scallops, trout, and shrimp. i was so full coming home, thought i wasn't gonna make it.

andrew got me some AWESOME new pedals and shoes, i'm super stoked. can't wait to put em on the vitus.

stu, julie, chad, welsy, jamie, and sandwich and banana came over, watched america's best dance crew at the house. hung hard, went to bed wired. took me forever to fall asleep, i guess i was just pumped from my after work hangout.

this weekend i need to really start getting rid of some shit. i've got a lot of junk i don't really need around...too much furniture in storage, bike shit i'm not running. time to bust out the camera and craigslist like woah. i wanta go through my clothes and get rid of a lot also. time to purge.

saturday i'm going bowling. sunday i'm going to overhill lake. monday i have to work, which sucks. then i have friday, saturday, sunday, and monday off next week, guess i can't really bitch too much.

anyway, yesterday ruled. after i pay rent this month i'm broke as a joke. here's to livin on nothing.

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