Thursday, June 5, 2008

yesterdays heat sucked. it lasted all day and night. so gross outside. humidity like that makes me kindof freak out a little bit.

so here's whatssup. i'm making plans, and if i bail on any of them i hope i get struck down by lightning.

next weekend i'm going to cincinnati. i made my cardboard sign already, cinci or bust.

sunday i'm gonna go see rilo kiley. gotta find accompaniment, i'm bored with going to shows alone.

tonight i'm cookin out with the ladies. couldn't be more excited.

HOPEFULLY i'll be going to nags head some weekend toward the end of the month. we'll see whats up. modest mouse plays soon too, the last weekend of the month. i really want to go see them, but i rely on others to drive me out of town to do so. we'll see what happens. i hate getting bailed on last minute SO MUCH that i hate even making plans anymore. everyone always backs out.

i had a good time last night talkin to eva and tony. i really miss seeing them everyday...they were awesome roomates and are stellar friends. such good people in my life. makes me stoked even when i'm bummed hardcore.

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