Thursday, June 12, 2008

i had a fun night. got home from work and jacob was already over, i guess andrew bailed on skating to chill at home. i'd made plans to swing by a cookout since i thought andrew wouldn't be home til later, i even had a nice piece of salmon to cook. i made a fast marinade, walked chauncey, and headed over to pats. hung out there, ate a gourmet meal of grilled salmon and cheetos. had a lot of good, funny conversation. andrew and the dudes were gonna go to mojos after a space sesh at home, he texted me twice that they were there already but i didn't get them for a bit...i guess i left my phone on silent from work. they were done...completely toasted. i headed homewards from pats assuming they had already left the bar, they were acutally still there. i popped in, they were paying their tabs. i ordered a beer, drank it, then went and played double dutch with a bunch of awesome folks.
i used to be okay, even kinda good, at double dutch when i was in elementary school. now, seventeen years later, i'm not really that good at all. its intimidating as shit to jump in, and nearly impossible to focus once youre in there to jump rope. it was fun to try though, even though i sucked. its frustrating to be awful at something you used to be good makes me want to practice more until i can do it.
affia swore she was going to myspace me for more double dutch practice. sounds like fun. i was definitely stoked to meet some new folks last night, i feel like i don't really meet new people ever. its always just hangin out with the same folks, which i don't mind at all i love my dang friends, but its nice to see a new face sometimes.
i think i'm gonna go to adult swim after work today. i don't really care that i'm too porky for a bathing suit, i'ma wear a tankini and go swimmin.

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