Wednesday, June 4, 2008

what a gross day outside. it'd be cool if i was off, cause i'd be at the pool so fast. riding to work and then running work errands via bike sucked cause i had to look presentable when i got back. pulling on jeans over sweaty legs=the coolest shit ever. all i could think about was riding bikes to randolph pool like last summer and the one before. such awesome times.

i bought a bunch of zucchini today in the hopes that someone will have a cookout this week or weekend and i can grill it. maybe i'll buy charcoal and cook it at home. i dunno if that'll happen.

i'm antsy to get my sidekick battery in the mail. i'm so stoked to have one again, i'm gonna be a total loser and lame out so hard when it works. so lame. can't wait.

i wonder if anyone would wanta go to hadads or overhill lake this weekend. itd be a fun ride in disgusting weather.

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