Tuesday, May 20, 2008

rode to work in the rain, again. its funny, i don't even care anymore. i remember when i sold my car a few years ago, i'd wake up to a rainy day and get pretty bummed about riding in it. i'm not even phased anymore. in fact, a lot of days i like it.

i feel like i worked a lot last week, but i guess i didn't really. less than 40 hours by a little bit. it was just a draining week.

yesterday i celebrated. i mailed out the final payments on 2 old debts i had. AND i set up a workable payment plan for another one. AND my student loan dudes lowered my interest rate, called to thank me for an awesome payment record blah blah blah. i was maybe the biggest idiot ever financially when i was younger. it sucks to be still paying for it, but oh well. at least its gradually going away. my credit has definitely suffered, but it'll eventually go away.

took chauncey to the river yesterday with jennyd and soda and had a blast. the dogs were INSANE, swimming, falling in the mud, running and jumping rock to rock. chauncey was so tired that going back to the car was an endeavor. he slept all night.

i've got some major stress tomorrow, then i can breathe easy for reals. i'm looking forward to getting things over with. hopefully c-c-c-court goes well, and i don't have to panic. fingers crossed.

back to work.

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