Saturday, May 10, 2008

what a day. somehow work isn't quite over yet either.

found this pic online in betty's photos. it embodies all the frustration of owning chauncey, the dumbest dachshund ever. he's seriously mentally challenged. he's got mood swings too. he's mostly a jerk. the thought of throwing him away into the james river made me laugh.

last night i got a lot of stressful stuff off my chest. talked to andrew for a long time, felt way better after all was said. i actually slept restfully, unfortunately only for 4 hours. getting up at 6am on saturday mornings for work is a major bumout.

work is painful. long, stupid, boring, and slightly chaotic.

i absolutely cannot wait to go home. it'll happen here in the next hour or so. gotta walk soda tonight and this am. should be nice and easy.
thats the extent of my responsibility this weekend, i'm keeping it that way.

the last two days kicked my ass. a 12.5 hour day followed by an 11 hour day...that kinda workin's for teenagers. not me. i wanta eat chinese food and pizza and french fries and drink beers and fuck off. waste my time, play nintendo. take the dogs on retarded long expeditions, take naps and wake up late. i'm so glad its the weekend.

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