Friday, May 9, 2008

sometimes riding in the rain is really fun. i guess knowing that you HAVE to get somewhere, regardless of whether or not its pouring, is kind of motivation. when i left the house this morning it was literally pouring. a good rainjacket, hat, and glasses make the ride no problem. enjoyable, even.

halfway to work i hit a break in the storm. the roads were still full of water and the gutters were still overflowing, all the trees were sagging down close to the ground from the water weight. the juxtaposition of blue sky ahead and black sky behind was rad. made me feel a lot better.

went and visited shane last night, got to play with his cats. cutter is a savannah cat, so he's huge and wild. shane adopted 'booger' the black and white cat, because cutter really needed a friend to keep him occupied. i like visiting that household, its full of animals to stare at.

i guess i'm feeling better in general today. yesterday was kind of a meltdown. too much stress, too much bumout. seems like the good days are REALLY good, the bad days are REALLY bad. can't ever just keep middle ground.

i work a 12 hour day today. i'm already counting down the hours til i can go home. i need rest. and chillout. its been awesome taking the dogs on such long walks, its good for them and i finally get a chance to get out of my head and zone out. stare at everything, get distracted with abandoned buildings and tags, explore and learn about the neighborhood. its rad.

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