Tuesday, March 15, 2011

uh, this weekend was busy.
i watched this television show about crazy coupon people. you know, they go all bananas saving and organizing coupons, then pile up flippin 7 carts full of groceries, check out in several different aisles, and use coupons to get a grand of groceries for $30. then they have fifty deoderants, and a hundred packs of snickers, and they hoard it. then lo and behold, at kroger, i actually saw one!!!

see, look, they keep all their coupons organized in three ring binders while they shop for maximum savings.
well then, saturday i hit the gas station after work and met this dude.
Valero, the gas station bobcat
he was really chill, and his nub felt funny.

but as soon as i pet him, he started YEOWLING. like, non stop. dang. shut up, dude. i'm petting you already, wtf? gad get out of here, you cat you.

gad. i like cats, but i'm just not into getting yelled at by animals. sorry mr. meowmeow.
got home and wanted to install my side marker lights before it rained.
before cutting
the new OEM lights didn't fit in the holes, go figure. i love having the right tools for stuff, so i brought out the dremel and cutting disc and got to work.
after about five seconds my body mods were done, and the lights mounted right up. wired em all in, they look great. and they work too!
after that, i set to work with the horn. i had an idea while i was reading the manual and needed to check it out.

CONFIRMED! the horn contact plate behind the steering wheel wasn't making constant contact with the grounding screw on the column. it was basically only hitting contact in one spot, when you turned hard left. i peeked online and couldn't find a new plate, just the screw. i figured i'd take it to the shop monday for inspection and tell the guy it worked, i could prove it with this video. IT WORKED! he passed it and bent the plate out a bit so it contacts more often.
i think then saturday night i just watched tv and stayed up too late.
sunday i woke up and cleaned the truck more. every time i cut a different vent on i get showered in debris, cool. i polished the grill and put that fancy tire crap on the tires, and i replaced a blinker bulb that had gone out. the neighbors rode by and asked if i was having fun. yeah, i was.
i have no idea what i did for the rest of the day. it was so boring, i just forgot.
OH SHOOT, no it wasn't! what am i talking about! james and caroline and brett came over and we hung out in the backyard. brett is getting a house too, so we talked about that stuff. then andrew and i went to get a hamburger, and i think then i just watched tv hoping to fall asleep early, but that didn't happen.

monday i work up early and drove to ashland for truck inspection. new tailpipe, horn was whatever, dude was glad the lights were back on it.
came back home to do some sewing.
Dottie is great at helping with crafts
dottie decided to help
Four bags made, productive day
made four small bags, just need to decide if they're clutches or belt bags or what.
Started a new handlebar bag today
i also got a good start on a new handlebar bag. need more leather.

the neighbor got out on his riding mower and started cutting his grass, and it pissed dottie off so dern bad. egon hung by the french door and glared at him, but dottie got all proactive and got back in the window. she mad.
mac n chee with hotdogs, oh my.
i don't crave hotdogs very often, when i do its usually summer and nathans on the grill are the best. lately though, ive been wanting this thing my mom used to take when i was little. mac n chee and hotdogs. oh gad, i made some and ate it. i think my craving is satisfied for another fifteen years.

the bostons love the new truck bout as much as i do. they were good company this weekend.

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