Tuesday, March 1, 2011

so. first things first with the truck. there were some holes in the floorpans and they were scary and made me nervous to drive. they had to get fixed. i knew cory could help with welding new metal in, but i also know he's busy. turns out the mechanic i used to go to a lot does a lot of fiberglass repair, so he hooked me up with redone pans.

Egad danger!

some befores and afters, man its way less terrifying. a whole gallon of fiberglass resin later, the truck floor feels solid.
Present time!
went to nicole (and lee's) baby shower. first hellssatan baby woowoo! they requested that instead of a card, to bring a signed book for the little dudes library. i initially was in search of a copy of the "the giving tree" (my grandpa used to read it to me all the time) but then i found this. and i knew it would be perfect.
Baby shower gift for lee and nicole
its full of motorcycles and dogs, things that their kiddo will definitely be around a lot.
garvan from the latebirds came to town and crashed at the house with his lovely calico kitty, harry, so there was hangin out. i should've taken pizza pictures, sharon made some really delicious lunch for us on monday. we drove around a bit sightseeing, but got sort of stormed out. the weather was a little lame, rain always keeps everyone in. got some bbq, and got a behind the scene tour of the byrd theater. the byrd is a premier moviehouse built in 1928, its beautiful inside. it has a huge pipe organ that gets played saturdays before the movie, the organist rises up out of the stage playing. its cool.
also, the byrd was built on a spring, and the solution to the amount of constant water was to just build a room to contain it. so under the byrd, in the basement, is a crystal clear pool of water in a concrete room. its crazy, so clear that you can only tell its full when you throw in a penny.

we went up to the rooftop and caught a fine city view. cameraphone doesn't do it justice, the sky was amazing and the cityscape glowed in the distance.

monday morning was gorgeous, windy and in the mid seventies.
ate breakfast outside and had coffee and let the dogs mull about in the yard.

dottie is developing her skills at snuffling around in the dirt, i hope she's hunting for truffles or something cool. mostly she just shoves her face into the ground and snorts.
Dotties dirt face
our dying tree in the backyard has gotten pretty scary, its splitting in half basically. i'm waiting for it to crush the garage.

we got an estimate to cut it down, and its a little expensive.
so yeah, um, we'll see what we can muster up. i'm gonna get two more estimates before i cry and shell out the cash.
in exciting news, two more truck manuals arrived in the mail. now i can look at the carb and a couple other things before i take it to the shop with questions. good good.
new fabrics came in the mail too, can't wait to get to sewin!
25 glorious yards
enough fabric for one curtain or two pillows
stoked. the work week needs to hurry by so i can get to the weekend and enjoy productive time off.

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