Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ye olde loyale 4x4, fer sale
so i decided to sell the subaru and buy a small truck. it was on craigslist for about a week, BUT THEN it started leaking oil, LIKE A SHITTON OF OIL, and i took it to the shop. something was wrong in a major way.
the block was cracked AND it blew the headgasket at the valve cover. what a freakin week. man i'm glad i didn't sell it cause i'd feel like a humongous jerk. ilet it go to a 4x4 scrapper for some dollars. then i bought this! so sort of things still happened like i wanted.
My new Toyota!!!!! day one, brand new to me
i spent some QT with it this weekend, getting to know everything about it.
spendin some QT with my new friend
the weather was so nice, i decided to give it a huge bath.

first i cleaned the inside.

then i cleaned the outside

i washed it, cleaned the paint with a clay bar, then waxed it. just the front half took HOURS. maybe i will clean the back half soon.
A hard days work of cleaning!
teepee nights
there was a small get together in the teepee again, it was real fun.

right when i was about to leave, about 15 gunshots were fired within earshot, so i was a little nervous about the route i'd planned to take home. james and i went the safe way to church hill, then i continued east solo.
Three dogs, one cat, family photo
the rest of the weekend was filled with yardwork and trips to the dump and a sightseeing tour of the cemtery and more cleaning.

the landfill is really cool, i love to go there and look at all the thrown away things.
we also tried to have our first backyard firepit, but it was so windy that we got scared.

it was so windy, in fact, that we lost some huge branches from the big dead tree in the backyard.

its cool, the dogs cleaned it up for us.

the dogs ran outside so much that all their playing inside was halfassed, they were tired and mostly laid on the floor.
and hey i finally sewed those curtains for the downstairs living rooms!
Curtains finally
they're real pretty during the day. i need to go find more fabric that i like, i'm already out of the seaweedy stuff.

the onions are gonna bloom soon, JUST KIDDINGS those are daffodils and they sure are gonna be pretty.


Ian T said...

Your new truck is one of my all time favorite trucks -- I'm a little jealous

emily said...

It's such a rad truck! There was a guy selling a 'silver '82 brat with t tops, but he was really spotty about emails and didnt return my call to see it. I saw the toyota and jumped on it. Met the dude at 7am to beat the other folks interested and snagged it!