Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well, the grosstastic sewage issue at the house is fixed but I can't stop bleaching the downstairs bathtub.

Snuck back by the old apartment to take some flicks of it all empty...can't believe how different it seems.
Cleaner apartment
here's the downstairs full of stuff.
downstairs living area and doorway to office
here it is empty.
second floor pano
second floor empty
Second floor messy apartment
second floor full

first floor looking up
third floor down to first

I'll miss it, but the new house is way more fitting for us right now. Dogs and cats and bird are so happy.

The dogs love the carpeted stairs, they haul ass up and down them and try to attack you at the top of the steps. Hilarious.
They play all the time

and then sleep like logs. Its rad.

I miss the rooftop view, but I really love having a yard and starting to plan a real garden.

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