Thursday, February 3, 2011

bad luck streak

In the last two weeks:

-closed on a house, and spent four straight days moving down the spiral stairs. thx hunter, thx ben, thx julie, thx stu, thx chad. thx also to beer and bbq.
-then spent the next two weeks after that moving every day after work
-spent three days, over 12 hours each, cleaning and repairing the old apartment(6 yrs of baked on oven grime, etc.)
-touchup paint that has matched for years no longer matched...had to repaint the entire apartment
-spent a shitton of money on supplies for the apartment fixup ($300)
-new house shower upstairs leaked and soaked the kitchen ceiling
-downstairs shower started leaking
-hot water ehater broke immeaditely upon move in, took a week of 8 minute showers before it could be repaired($112 to fix)
-water in house started backing up into the downstairs toilet and tub, can't shower, flush toilet, wash clothes
-rented a 100 ft snake ($55) and spent hours snaking the line to no avail, other than getting covered in raw sewage head to toe (and then couldn't shower, had to sink-bathe)
-on the last run of the full 100ft of snake, the claw-like end of it came free and is in our pipes somewhere. GREAT.
-checked all vents on the roof at 1:30am (andrew did, but I had to hold the ladder) in my pjs
-car is last legging it, probably head gasket. its losing coolant and oil, goodtimes.
-still no fix to downstairs shower (no time) and water/sewage is still backing up into the bathtub, waiting on county of henrico for a solution
-threw up my dinner scooping shit and toilet paper out of the bathtub (seriously, that happened.)
-friend died, wake friday and funeral saturday. friends from so long ago that the brother of the deceased was one of the few people I invited to my dads funeral. grief is hard.

i'd like to just fast forward through this month. i don't do very well with death and grieving friends, it just makes me a total wreck. it is my least favorite thing, when people close to me are sad and mourning.

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