Saturday, April 23, 2011

its funny, when you live "not in the city," how any little incident draws a shitton of cops. like, major drug bust in the city status, shittons of cops.
kids getting into a fight? 6 officers respond.
Neighborhood ruckus
end result? two young ladies in handcuffs are ridiculed by the approx. 15 younger kids that gatherered to watch the fight. ladies are released to their parents, young kids disperse, cops leave, parents whoop ass, all kids resume hangin out on the street talkin shit. yup.
petsitting a couple days this week. its always cool at shanes house.
Booger, left, and Cutter, right
except that his big cat, also named Cutter, is sort of terrifying. just a FYI, the black n white cat is full grown, normal sized housecat. google "savannah cats." thats what Cutter is. he does things like jump from one side of the apartment (up top, in the loft) to the opposite side top of the kitchen cabinets. hes big, and agile, and playful. good lard. if he wasn't fat i'd be really really nervous, but as it stands he's kind of a bus.

in other news, egon is still too scared to get his toys out of the bucket.
maybe one day he'll learn its okay.

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