Tuesday, April 5, 2011

so. we basically spent the week lamenting our return to the life of working stiffs. we spent lots of time with our dogs to make up for the week of lost snuggles, and pouted about how friggin cold it was.
The very hard life of our dogs
naturally, the dogs didn't care, they just wanted to snuggled and adored. jerks.
i don't even know what happened saturday. i worked? then something? the old dog pen got taken down, which is cool.
Big backyard
and after
Dog pen is gone!
um...then sunday happened, and mostly i took time to sew and clean house.
i've been meaning to take more time to sew and make cool stuff for my Etsy, and i'm finally doing it. also, tim lamb requested a tool roll up so i had to make something tight.
that was the first one i made, then the velvet one came next. so swanky.
p.s.....velvet photographs terribly. i gotta remedy that before i list it.
well then monday came, and i woke up to the reverse beeper of a bucket truck backing into the alley behind our house.
Getting Started, 8 am....
time to cut the tree down!

um it was pretty cool to watch, the squirrels were SO INCRECIBLY PISSED OFF because the tree was full of their babies

the tree guys kept stopping to pick babies out of the tree and let em go

i was having major anxiety for a while, when they started, because the tree was so dead and i was crossing all my digits that it wouldn't fall and crush our garage

but the guys were super pros at tree felling and brought her down gracefully.
and then there was this mess to deal with.

i spent the whole afternoon taking turns between moving logs and branches and then stopping to sew. the dogs appreciated the occasional break inside the house, which was slightly cooler than the 80 degree heatwave outside.
sunny windowseat
i also set up a "swimming pool" for the bostons, they were too hot and just hung out in the water a lot.
found some really cool beetles in the tree, they were big and pretty. the eye spots were soft like velvet, daaaaang.
So many cool wood beetles were living in our dead tree
they were also responsible for this mess inside our tree.
weird eaten away patterning
after a hot long afternoon of swimming and helping me drag branches into a pile, the dogs were really tired.
tired after a long day of helping me cut the tree
so was i, but i couldn't stop! too much to do!
like defend our homeland from rogue wasps!!!
wasp invader!!!!!
um after all that work i went to patty p's house , there was a bonfire in the volcano and cooking out to be had. i was tired and sore from falling down with logs in the alley, and wasn't much of a sport, but it was good to hang out for a little while.
here, you can pretend you were there!

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