Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sad week. long time dog friend, Cutter, passed away last week. he had the cancer, and was going into exploratory surgery to see how widespread it was. maybe a leg amputation would fix it?
in surgery he started bleeding heavily and died right there on the table. too soon!

he was a good dude. friend to all of our friends puppies, he was a really solid dude. good and tolerant to all the puppy bullshit, and chill with idle when idle was a fresh rescue and needed dog interaction.
egon 001
i'm sad. andrews' sad. chad's sad too. our friends are all sad, it was a rough weekend full of lots of secret tears.
Cutter's grave
andrew and chad buried him in a secret spot where we will all go visit. pile a cobble on his grave to pay respects.
saturday night i had a pizza party, everyone came over mostly to see chad, even though noone really talked about cutman.
stayed up too late for the amount of work to be done sunday.
Hard days work
we had to tackle all the branches from the tree chopping down spectacle, and haul them away.
Cutting up branches so theyll stack better in the truck
we had to cut them up so they'd fit in the truck better, then fill the truck.
Truckload 1 of 3, this one was small but heavy
i made three loads to the dump, we took the rotten logs and almost all the sticks we could handle.
there is only a small pile left, after all that work!
Laying in the hole
idle found such a nice hole to lie in, hes a weirdo.
Grubs!dottie found some grubs, she's voracious for everything.

they are really cool...hopefully they will turn into those awesome beetles i found with eye spots on em.
Why cant i see behind me?
the drive to the dump was frightful, there was no rear vision to be had.
From the looks of behind me, i think theres a tree in my truck
i mean, the whole damn bed was stacked high full of tree!

it was especially funny when i had to back up inbetween trucks and a big loader, to the edge of a cement cliff to dump my truckload.
this was basically the view to my back.
NO REALLY my truck is full of tree
IT IS ESPECIALLY FUNNY TO GO DUMPING ALONE, when you can't see behind you and have to be fearful of hitting other people or falling off the cliff. you just have to guess, and stop a lot, and look like a fool.
everyone at the dump is very nice, gentlemen always help even though i never ask, and the workers there are especially friendly.
after a day of hauling sticks and yard clippings, i was a lovely shade of brown. sunkissed?
Dirt tan
no, just dirty. a shower quickly washed away my lovely glow, bummer.
so, with the yardwork mostly done, i took sunday to chain myself to the sewing machine to get ready for this bike swap meet shit going on.
i made so much stuff!
this one is hilarious, it has secret pockets and is lined with the best tye die fabric ever.
so much space!
and this one is lined with black velvet (oooh la la) and has a divider with pockets on each side, and a front pocket!
built to expand and hold tons of loot!
this one is sewn to expand outward and hold TONS of crap
for the snack connisseur
and this one is designed for maximum snack capacity.
white denim front pocket with lovely button closure
this one has a really cute button and is also lined with swanky velvet with a secret pocket
front pocket
and this one is extra deluxe. pockets, all kinds of vintage trim, a nice bakelite button, and lined with velvety softness.
vintage bianchi strap as closure
and i finished a tool kit for the lover of italian things.
plush velvet for your beloved tools
again, lined with velvet for showing off your fanciest tools.
now i am back at work hell, and though it really isn't that bad, theres so much to be done at home that sitting here is making me slowly crazier.
hopefully i will get lots of things done this week after work hours....pffffft

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