Friday, April 29, 2011

can i just say that this week has been so terrible? holy moly!
so dotties illness RETURNED and she barfed/liqued pooped (it was really hard to tell what end it came out of, ew) all over the bathroom Wednesday morning.

ran home from work and took her to the vet, our vet was closed and unavailable. $420 dollars later, we were rushing her to the emergency vet in a total panic.
At the emergency vet, ready to be admitted
Dottie at 12:30pm Wednesday
her intestines were full of air and her stomach was not digesting her food from that morning, indicating a blockage. dogs, especially little ones, can become septic really quickly and die, so i was FLIPPING MY SHIT. surgery was gonna cost about 2500, plus the hospitalization bill, omggg could i sell a kidney or something?
Dottie at 12:30pm Wednesday
Sleepy after a long day at the vet

we get to the ER and she's rushed off to the ICU. her stats are all normal, she's active and bouncy, but her guts are still full of air. they put her on 24 hour watch to see if the food will pass, because there is no visible blockage on the xrays.
-total sidenote, metal and really dense items show up on xrays. things like thread, fabric, wood, even peach pits, do not show up, so there was no telling what was up.

the doctor seems optimistic that there is no blockage, but her symptoms are so severe (her intestines were super bloated) that they can't be sure.

so 24 hours later, doctor sends her home. she pooped, she peed, the food and gasses all moved to her colon for emminent release. the gasses have been releasing and let me tell you, they are bad. knock you out, keel over dead stinky bad.

Oh. My. Gad. what a total stressout! i'm glad shes okay and there is nothing massively wrong, but we still have to hawk her for the next week or so. no playtime, no running, no fun, no good foods, no NOTHING. have you ever tried to stop a boston terrier from jumping and playing? its real hard.

so i'm instituting crisis level etsy status, gotta have a real productive weekend and try to fill up the shop. gotta sell stuff too. heres to tons of debt in 2011 arghghghghghghghgghhhhhhh

SO HEY! GO ETSY SHOPPING! or tell your friends to.
holds so much stuff!!!


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