Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the last three days I have:
-Washed/dried poop/vomit splatter covered couch covers/blankets twice
-washed puked-up-poop covered comforter once
-scrubbed vomit-wiped-all-over carpet once
-mopped all floors(covered in vomit splatter and smeared regurgitated diahrhea) three times
-sorted through a big bag of dog puke that i collected in one afternoon
-collected puke on dog walks and prolly earned the title of gross ass dog puke pickin up white lady from the hood kids
-chased my puppy around to wipe the stream of liquid poo off her fur twice
-endured the nastiest farts and stinkiest house imaginable
-picked up poopoo/puke constantly.

All because of this dumb dummy:
Which one is the cutest?

Lets just say im havin a bangin weekend.  

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