Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The insurance adjuster called last night pretty late. He was very nice and polite, and let me ramble on forever about how much I loved my Hilux and how I was never gonna find another '81 if he totalled it, and how superior the '81 22R is to other years of the 22r, and he informed me that he needed to do some market research before he reached a decision (aka he couldn't easily find a price and needed more time to poke around online and find one.) He asked about the new carb, and I ran down the list of upgrades/fixes I'd made. He told me that if it gets totalled that having receipts for those things would be in my interest. $400 carb, $200 installation, $300 floor pans, $100 exhaust bits, etc etc etc. Thankfully I have receipts.
Neutral news overall, good that he was polite and caring and doing his research. I thanked him for working hard, anyone that is still working at 830pm when you know their day starts at 8am deserves a big thank you.
In positive news, I've been peeking a bit online and have found some options for vehicles if all else fails. IF it gets totalled, we'll see how much they offer me. Then I'll try and figure out what I can afford. Stress, bummertown, but relieved that things are happening.
In commuting news, I got hit by a goose today as I rode too close to a flock of Canadian geese roadside (traffic wouldn't let me move over into the lane). As the geese took flight, they flew into me and into cars that were already going really slow, noone was hurt, the geese were unphased. It was so slow motion and hilarious that I LOL-ed for a good while down the road.
Here is a funny video of the dogs. We took them for a walk around the neighborhood after the hurricane and I guess they got really hot (it wasn't that hot outside, they're just used to jumping in the pool after walks...spoiled dogs.)

There was a large, fresh water puddle by the curb and Dottie threw herself in it.
Egon followed suit very quickly.

So ridiculous, we had to laugh and laugh. Then we bathed them when they got home.

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