Saturday, August 13, 2011

this week has, thank goodness, flown by.
the future called
The future called today....
and it wants its tacos back!
stupid me, i was on the other line and couldn't answer the phone fast enough.
what is taco world? there's certainly nothing popping up on google, esp not in richmond.

the dogs had a cage fight last night. seriously, life with these two is so ridiculous. its like a shark cage!

dottie goes into fixin surgery monday, maybe she'll stop humping the dudes so much.
the classiest lady i know
i mean, seriously, this is so awkward.

i started some avocado trees from seeds, they take like three freakin months to germinate, but the first one has made it through its primary leaves and is doing a second, much fuller set. i also read a lot about them, and apparently growing them from seed is kind of dumb. according to scientists, tree by tree varies as to the quality of fruit, some are horrible and inedible nasty, others are great. trees from good nurserys are grafts, so the fruit quality is guaranteed. also, we are zone 7 here, which means that we get heavy frosts. you have to protect the tree sapling from frost for the first bunch of years, and it won't produce fruit for 7-15 years. uh, so you wait 7-15 years, and maybe get crappy fruit. bummer. since i've already started em, i'm just gonna roll with it. plant em in the side yard and go from there. if they make it, rad, if not, fuckit.

mega fabric score this week means big sewing this weekend. i'm off four days, so really i should be able to produce a ton of stuff. i hope. i really want a tanktop (like dress length almost) from this stuff, i lovelovelove it. also, it will make rad hats. i want to retire from jobjob and sew for the rest of my life, it will happen. i will make it so.

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