Tuesday, July 26, 2011

oh shoot. what a week/weekend/past few buncha days.
i forgot to go pick vegetables for a little while, and the cucumbers got out of control.
they got a little large
oops.  forgot to pick cukes for a couple days...
but dont be upset, they are still very delicious.
in fact, the squash was so good n perfect, that it seemed as if JESUS hisself had left some sort of miracle mark or sign...
oh snap jesus on the cross!
akin to the jesus on grilled cheese
so aquabattle was sunday, and i wanted to go see. it was hot. very very hot, but the water where the aquabattle was held was fresh with sewage, so i opted OUT of swimming.
it was also polluted by this thing

but he didn't stop anyone from swimming

in fact he just cheered everyone on with his horrible bizarre penis parts. wheeeeee! yaaaaaay!

this puppy was bloated, but not like the beaver. he was bloated with puppy things, snips and snails and puppy dog tails? well maybe not the dog tails, but he sure was eating lots of gross river items, like dead fish and rotten things. yum.

though he was cute, i'm sure he had terribly rank farts later.

puppies. whatcha gonna do? you just can't hate something that cute even if they're very very stinky.
speaking of smelly cute things...
I have a dog head
this thing has been out of control lately. she gets her ladyparts out soon, and maybe then she will stop humping the boys. shes been fired up lately, on the rampage.
on the final day of my leisurely weekend days off, i got busy sewing.
Oh snap, makin hats!
i made some hats!
its the first time i've ever tried, and i think i like them.

there are some things to tweak, but overall they're pretty rad.
i feel a collab with messengerstu coming on. homemade richmond "fuck all yall" hats in the future i hope....

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