Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I cant believe i broke this today
man what a horrible accident. i knocked this cat off a table i have, not that i collect ceramic cats or anything, but this one was really awesome. i've had it since i was 13, it was in my grandparents attic. it was thin and tall, and somehow it survived a hundred tumultous moves, party apartments, and all kinds of other bullshit. i scanned ebay and etsy looking for another one, but no dice. ah. one day i'll get another one, but its a total bummer.
Silent scream
i reorganized the downstairs a little this weekend, trying to make it chiller. i was moving around a stretched piece of fabric i have and this fucking horrible thing was on the back of it...i didn't realize it was there until i'd already been too close, it makes me grit my teeth and squint an eye when i think about it. not a fan of these dudes.
FINALLY got the chance to really tend garden.
andrew cut back the massive marina di chiogga squash, and i realized that my summer squash had powdery mildew.

gross. whipped up a couple nalgenes of "fancy organic garden cure-all", aka water, a drop or two of dish soap, and some garlic.
business time
gave the plants a good spray down, twice. need to treat again today, shoulda done it this am. oops.
in the middle of annhiliating that stuff, and hacking away at the diseased leaves, and getting completely scratchy and itchy, i found this dude.
zig zag web, garden spider guy
he was a lot smaller last time i saw him, probably a month or two ago in a different part of the garden. i love garden spiders, they're super cool. the last of the big orb weavers.....
when i was 19 and lived with derek and alex, i had a massive (8" leg span) imported orb weaver that i kept in the window of the pantry. the cool thing about those guys is that they don't leave their webs unless they're dying. they just build and build and stay put, so i wasnt worried about him leaving the pantry. til one day a shrill dude scream let me know he'd moved on from his window space, sure enough dude was pretty much barely alive, but was in the bathroom. most tolerant roomates, EVER.
little iridiscent eggs on my summer squash leaves
found some little eggs on the summer squash, the garlic death water probably will kill them, but they were gleaming and iridiscent in the bright sunlight. didn't really translate to cameraphone photo, oh well.
one of these things is not like the other...
in clipping things back, i found a lot of produce that i didn't know was ready. this weird ass squash is hard as a rock, and orange. def not gonna eat it, i'll just save it for a halloween decoration or something. bizarre evil scarecrow penis or something.
after the long weekend of cleaning, reorganizing, and whatever else (happy birthday chip, allez allez!!!) i was ready to chill out.
dinner time!
but instead i made a massive delicious dinner.
bacon wrapped salmon filets
complete with bacon wrapped salmon filets. they were delicious, i was instantly launched into itis town, no regrets.
dottie had a pretty busy day, morning hangouts, then vet, followed by long ass hot as balls truck ride (no air conditioning in my 81 toyota.

she helped in the kitchen by sleeping on a chair.
the city is doing some mysterious construction on all the roads i take through the downtown area to get home, so combined with the ton of fools leaving their office jobs, it took me an hour to get home from the west end. INSANITY. then brett n sunday came over and dottie got all fired up, ran around the yard in circles til she was BEAT.
Eyelids too thinshe was out cold in practically no time after i went upstairs to eat dinner.

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